Turkish Town, Cocktails and A Swan Suprise | Turkey Day 4

20 July 2015



Visiting the town this night was the highlight of my day; it was very refreshing to leave the hotel after spending the first few days in our resort. In a way, I would say that the experience was very overwhelming - the streets were packed with hundreds of people, multiple pubs/restaurants around every corner, loud music overlapping each other from the different night clubs and vibrant colours lighting the warm summer night.

Inhaling the towns active atmosphere, Jess, her parents and I sat down at a bar to take everything in; Jess and I opted for a cosmopolitan which was absolutely delicious. We explored the town by strolling down the lighted streets and having a good ol' laugh at some of the shop names (eg. British Hairways).

On returning to our room earlier on in the day, me and Jess were surprised to see two cute little swans sculpted by our freshly cleaned towels. The cleaners are so lovely and decorated our bed with flowers as well! Hospitality and service has been phenomenal ever since we arrived at the hotel.

My outfit of the evening was a nude, tight-fitted skirt, a plain black cami top with a kimono. I felt a dark lip colour would work really well to create a sultry look, paired with a light smokey eye. Also, I'm loving what the water is doing to my hair here - every time I leave the water, the sun dries my hair in seconds leaving soft loose curls.  

Until tomorrow...

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