The Most Amazing Day Of My Life | Turkey Day 9

31 July 2015

I'm overly excited to write about the many extraordinary encounters of my 9th day in Fethiye, Turkey. Not only would I consider the entire day the best of the holiday, I would hand-on-heart say it was the best day of my life. Throughout the day, I met new people (including a couple of Turkish families), saw the most wonderful views, participated in numerous challenges and travelled from sight to sight in an authentic black jeep.

On our tightly-packed agenda, the first stop was to meet the other jeeps for the safari and load water guns at a petrol station. This was rather surreal as both kids and adults were throwing buckets of ice cold water over each other and shooting from vehicle to vehicle down the motorway?! Like most, I've never experienced being caught in a water fight whilst driving down a busy motorway jam-packed with four families in a single jeep. INSANE!

When travelling to the first sight, we witnessed Tlos which was an ancient building that dates back 2,000 years ago. The ruins were still beautiful despite the leftovers being dilapidated, as it sat in the middle of a large mountain. We arrived at a minute place with a cave to be given a itinerary of what our day behold; we hired some gross shoes that felt horrendous on the feet but were waterproof for our later rainforest antics and filled up the buckets of water for more fighting fun.

The trout farm was our next stop. A little cafe embedded in a minature forest that was surrounded by streams with cute fish in. There were lovely seating areas for us to chill out for half and hour before moving to a different venue for our lunch. I chose chicken for lunch and was extremely impressed (considering the cost for the day was £10 including food). We all ate on top of a cliff that overlooked Fethiye and the view was incredible. 

After lunch, it was time for one of my favourite parts of the day - walking in the rainforest, wading through the water until reaching the waterfall at the end. With 40 degree plus weather, I had no choice but to stand under the water and let is plummet, quite viciously might I say, onto my skin. The water was ice cold, the feeling was refreshing but completely breathtaking - I literally couldn't breath (but in a good way??). 

Later on our journey, we got given the oppurtunity to stroll along the second largest gorge in Europe. Unfortunately, due to utter exhaustion from our rainforest quest, we decided to pass and chill with a few drinks by the river. Relaxing by water is so serene and calming! Time flew by very fast and it was time for the most exhilarating 10 minutes of my life - WATER RAFTING. Being thrown into a river on a ring with a oar in hand, we all set off individually along the icy river. Admiring the mountains was my intention as I floated, at first, slowly down the heavy currented water. However, my admiration was broken as I hit a very shallow part of land in the middle of the water and probably ended up with a bruise the size of my head on my butt! It was soooooo painful but it was soon over as we swiftly picked up the pace and travelled down the rest of the river.

Finally, our day had come to an end and what better way to celebrate that than a good old mud bath?! I'd been wanting to have one for so long and it was super fun. Myself, Jess and her mum covered the entirety of our bodies (including our hair) in the thick, gloopy mud that laid at our feet. The photos taken were so funny and I cannot wait to share them with you - I look like Shrek :). We soon washed off the mud and my face began to tighten and felt softer than usual so I'm hoping it done part of its job. If not, it was still a good laugh nonetheless. 

Sorry for a babbly post but I needed to document the amazing events of my jam-packed, fun-filled day. The memories created on day 9 are some that will remain with me for a lifetime and I cannot wait to share them with the world, it is hard to put into words the time I had today. Thank you for reading and comment below if you've ever been to turkey. Did you go on any excursions? Have you had a mud bath before?

Until tomorrow...


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