Let's Go To The Beach | Turkey Day 5

23 July 2015

Right, so today was beach day and I must say that I may have held my expectations too high after witnessing the beautiful photographs of the Oludeniz online. Despite the photos I took above being stunningly picturesque, it was a disappointment to me that the shore was made of thousands of tiny rocks/pebbles and not sand, as the online photos misled - but hey, that might just be a personal preference right?! 

Tonight's evening outfit was a simple monochrome look. A plain black skater skirt paired with a long sleeved, but light, striped top. Jess went completely opposite to my two-toned outfit by wearing a vibrant orange top and checkered skort. Mac's Lady Danger came in handy to give a pop of colour to my monochromal attire also. 

I'm loving every single day, I never want to return home :) There is also progression on the tanning front - woo!

Until tomorrow...

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