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30 June 2015 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK

Today I've paired up with a new fellow blogger friend - Daisy Watkins - to give you all a taste of my top ten high end makeup products and Daisy's top ten drugstore makeup products. Her links will be at the bottom of the post so do NOT forget to check her blog out. Let's take it away..just incase this post becomes too long!

Estee Laude Bronze Goddess ~ A wonderful warm-toned bronzer, perfect for all skin types, with a powder formula that is just as pigmented as any cream based one. It can be very easy to go overboard with bronzing/contouring so the easy-to-build pigmentation of the product fits the job! Not only is this featured in my top ten, it is my number one bronzer, a staple in my collection and I'm sure it will be for a long time! A swipe of this and you're a glowing 'goddess' - the tiny golden glitters running throughout make this great for the coming Summer months!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid (NC15) ~ For those who love a good ol' full coverage foundation, then this one is for you also. Mac's Studio Fix Fluid will leave your skin looking completely flawless with no redness or blemishes in sight. However, I would be careful not to over apply the product as it can become cakey looking on the face. Overall, this product leaves you with a sleek satin finish base.

Mac Woodwinked ~ Hands down the best eyeshadow that has worked for me in my life. Woodwinked would look great on anyone as the gold glitter and olive undertones can ultimately accentuate any eye colour. Due to the varying colours within the shadow, the final effect on the lid looks incredible - a definite must-have in my opinion.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed ~ This is a fabulous Summer-compact holding a coral blush, warm bronzer and a peachy champagne highlight. An amazing palette that has 3 products in 1 for a price of just £22.50 - insane if you ask me, considering just a single highend face product costs the same amount as this. Urban Decay is a brand to look out for - especially the entire NAKED collection.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ~ This has been a new addition to my collection in the last week and I have fallen head over heels for it. It is the best concealer I've ever used - the soft, creamy formula makes the product blendable as well as feeling expensive on the face. Personally, I've loved using this concealer under my eyes to cover my horrific under eye circles or 'bags', brightening the centre of my face and highlighting specific areas that I wish to define.

Benefit Porefessional ~ Lightweight, silkiness and lasting power of products on top are things that I look for in my idyllic primer. Benefit's Porefessional covers my three main criteria as well as extending its fabulousness to minimize the appearance of pores. I don't have a huge issues with my pores but this just helps to even out my skin before applying a base; not forgeting the silky finish it leaves on your face.

Mac Fleur Power ~ For a pop of pink for Summer 2015, you have nothing better to rely on than Mac's gorgeous Fleur Power. This powder blush leaves the apples of your cheeks rosy and pink. Also, the colour is great for all year round - I would layer it up in Winter to give that realistic cold feeling but more subtely in summer, giving a sweet, girly sense. 

Bobbi Brown Mascara ~ I've owned this sample size for a couple of months and have utterly fallen in love with it - so much as I'm 100% purchasing the full size. I've only ever tried out samples of highend mascaras as I'm a bit tentative to spend a lot on something that expires quickly/runs out fast. However, I have found to be exceedingly suprised with this one due to its ability to separate, lengthen and thicken my lashes - not forgetting how long wearing it is.

Chanel Coco Rouge Shine Satisfaction ~ I've talked about this bad boy enough so go and check it out in another post if you want to see it up close and personal. Satisfaction has to be the world's perfect nude lipstick, a great lasting power and a silky, luxurious feel to the lips. With a visually crazy price of £25 for a lipstick, you are not wasting your money! 

Mac Rebel ~ Another of my favourite lipsticks that I've mentioned 100s of times. This lipstick is my go-to dark lip; an intense dark purple - another product that suits absolutely anyone. The only thing to look out for is the insane staying power - so much as it leaves your lips stained for a while...

If all of my options are a bit too pricey for your eye or are looking for a dupe that doesn't cost quite as much, definitely check out Daisy's post by clicking HERE! Don't forget to check out her instagram account too - @wildflowermakeup. I've loved working with her and she is a fab girl <3



  1. Thank you so much for doing this with me. It's been lovely communicating with you, you're so sweet and friendly.
    This post looks stunning! The pictures are beautiful. I definitely want to try out that bronzer! 😍 (and everything else from this post.) I absolutely LOVE this, I know for sure that whenever I'm out shopping for more luxurious make-up products that I'll definitely look back at this to fulfil my new (super long) wishlist.
    Lots of love! xx

    1. this is so sweet of you, thank you so much. You're so so lovely Daisy :-) <3 xx

  2. I've always wanted to try the Benefit Porefessional as I've heard so many good things about it!

    1. It is great, you should definitely consider buying it <3 x

  3. Love the idea of a collab! Never even considered that before. I will definitely be heading over to Daisy's page to check out the correlating post. I bought porefessional recently, but unfortunately I just don't rate it! I'd definitely recommend checking out Rimmel and Revlon primers, as I think they are of similar quality but at a third of the price!

    Laura | Lala in London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thank you so much for recommending them, they seem great!! It works well with my skin but I understand why people don't rate it as much; the only other highend primer I've gotten on with is the smashbox one. I havent really tried any drugstore, thank you for sharing :-) Would you consider collabing?? if so, just send an email to my link at the top of my page :p xx


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