Monthly Memories #1

29 March 2015

*Prepare for a very long post - feel free to skip to the number of the photo you're intrigued to know about*

Today I've decided to start a series of post that will be posted monthly containing photos of things I've done, achieved, made or wanted during the course of 4 weeks....

Now, I would like to introduce you to my antics throughout March!

  1. So happy to now be an very late  iPhone owner! I upgraded my awful and extremely damaged Samsung Galaxy S3 mini for the 5s in Gold - it is beautiful. I have been obsessed with it for the whole of March and cannot put it down - oops.
  2. I thought I was time to whip out my kindly gifted Debenhams gift card and make a naughty online purchase. Without a doubt, I had to buy Lady Danger because it is completely unique, compared to my large collection of lipsticks, and I haven't a Mac lippie in red yet so I had to?! If that's a good enough excuse??
  3. PLL - the TV series that made my life complete. I don't know what I did before I started watching this? Honestly...I watched 5 whole seasons (there are 25 episodes in a season, each episode being 45 minutes long) in the space of 3 weeks. Let's just say I am currently hooked, considering the moment I finished it I've been searching for theories upon theories on who A is. It is ridiculous...feel free to message me on any of my social media to discuss it because I would be VERY happy too.
  4. Pizza. One of my favourite foods in the world (along with jaffa cakes and chicken:-)) Me and my bestfriends make the same order from Dominoes almost every single time we are together... My favourite is the margherita with chicken breast strips as an extra topping - the potato wedges from there are also delicious.
  5. Saved this adorable ring I saw someone upload on twitter...have been trying to find where to buy it for the last couple of days, so if you know where this is from..drop me a lil comment below!!!
  6. First photo taken on my new phone with my boyfriend! <3
  7. My wonderful mother is the best at making cakes - she made cute mother's day cakes for both of my grandparents. They were so pretty and reminded me so much of Spring!
  8. This photo and number 9 are from the show I performed with my school last week. We put on the production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and it turned out fabulous. We had so many amazing comments, I played Susan Pevensie and my best friend played the gorgeous White Witch - her makeup is stunning, isnt it?!
  9. READ ABOVE! (number 8)
  10. Getting my party on with one of the most stunning human beings around ( - if you wanted to know, I'm wearing Lady Danger, as seen in photo 2, on my lips! What is a party without pre selfie taking??
  11. I went to MK at the beginning of the month and purchased so many holiday bits and bobs for Turkey in July. I bought all my items from Primark, along with this pretty black bodycon dress. You can read more about it in my previous post if you wanna.
  12. It was one of my besties birthdays this month and I love her to pieces. This photo was taken at her party a couple of weekends ago and we all had so much fun! <3
  13. This month I've decided to get my act together and start exercising everyday. I've thankfully realised that my body will not be bikini worthy without a bit of fitness everyday! Therefore, I've been saving photos to motivate mysel to keep working hard.
  14. This photo was taken on my GCSE dance moderation day. I had to perform three dances for 60% of my grade and the examiner gave me 90 out of 90. So amazed to get full marks and an A*. 
  15. A lil selfie I took with minimalistic makeup, thought it may be good for a post one day. Let me know :-)
  16. Recently, I've been into baking. This is mine and Aidan's 'Millie's Cookie'. It tastes absolutely heavenly and the recipe is pretty simple. I really want to start uploading baking posts/recipes onto my blog soon but not sure if everyone else would like to see it or not?
  17. Dance. Finally back and dancing at my dance school, felt like I hadn't been there in ages. I love to dance so much, it makes me feel completely at ease.
  18. Photo taken prior to my sixth form interview. It went really well and I've been accepted/given a place. Cannot wait to start in September, the social atmosphere seems really refreshing.
  19. I'm so jealous of my brother. He left the other day with his school to go on a skiing trip in Italy. I miss skiing so bad; I went last year over the new year with my school and it was one of the most incredible experiences - definitely have to go again in the future.
  20. I want a puppy. That is all. Preferably a fluffy little cavapoochon. :-)
  21. My teeth are ridiculously wonky and I had no other choice but to get braces. I'm glad they are finally on after waiting 6 years. I got my bottom row put on yesterday and they KILL. :(
  22. Finally got to spend some quality time with my BFF Megan <3 I hate not going to the same school because I don't see her as much as I used to but I love our little meetups. They consist of movies, chilling, baking, makeup and lots of laughing. 
  23. Celebrated my Auntie's birthday by going out for a very large (38 people) family meal. I finished my evening by tucking into this divine chocolate brownie cake, with a side of whipped cream..mmmm!
  24. Hanging out with my friends is my favourite pasttime. They bring out the best in me, as cringey as that sounds. Noone could ever make me as happy as my friends do! 
  25. My final photo of March has to be the most heavenly banana bread Megan and I made. The fact it is heart shaped makes it 100x cuter! Will definitely be uploading a recipe of this in the next few weeks.

Although this is a very wordy post, I am not sorry for it. I love collecting memories and storing them somewhere safe but I thought that uploading a concise (yeah, right) account of what I've been up to this month was needed instead. Thank you for reading to this point and I promise, my posts aren't this long at all. 


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