Halloween 2014

5 November 2014

Hello everyone!

Today is a post that you may not enjoy because it is one where I document a recent event in my life that I want to look back on, read and reminisce. 

This Halloween, a very close friend of mine held a party with 25 people at her house. It was one of the best nights of my life and I wanted to share it with you. Almost everyone's outfits were amazing - I say almost because some of the boys were spoil sports and came dressed in boring normal clothes. Honestly, I think they may have just been too lazy to find an outfit/buy one.

Anyway, me being the Disney fanatic I am, wanted to dress as a princess. Also, me being really picky too, meant that I wanted to dress as one that had similar colour hair to me; therefore I chose Snow White. I love her pretty blue, red and yellow outfit and was so excited to do my makeup.

Primer - Benefit Porefessional and Benefit Stay Flawless 15hr
Foundation - Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC15 mixed with L'Oreal True Match in Vanilla Rose
Concealer - Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat and Maybelline Fit Me
Powder - Seventeen Miracle Matte
Brows - Beauty Uk Kit
Eyelid Primer - Smashbox Lid Primer
Eye shadow - NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk (lid), Bootycall from Urban Decay's Naked 2 (lid), Sleek's Bark from the Au Naturel Palette and Tease from UD's Naked 2 (mixed&blended in the crease)
Eyeliner - Blackout Eyeshadow from the UD Naked 2 Palette
Blush - Sleek Blush in Guipure from the Lace Trio Palette
Higlight - Mac's Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish
Bronzer - Benefit Hoola (cheek bones,temples and side of nose)
Lip Liner - Models Own Red Liner
Lipstick - Avon Chilli
Left - My friend Amaryllis dressed up as a sailor with the prettiest red and white polka dot dress; she also done her makeup and hair inspired by the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. She looked gorgeous.
Right - Danielle went as a cheerleader, hence the pom poms. She vamped up her look by added fake blood trickling down from her eyes.
Left - My gal Lis hosted this fabulous party. She is one of my besties and looked super hawt dressed as a zombie cat. Her makeup was gorgeous - up close her eyes were glittery black with bright turquoise lenses. She looked absolutely stunning.
Right - Karis is also one of my faves. She was dressed as an Angel and one my fellow makeup addicts. I love her to bits.
Left - Here is my good friend Lucy aka Alice in Wonderland. She looks so cute and petite in the little dress she wore aw!
Right - My bestie Batgirl (Jess). She is one amazing girl and if you haven't read her blog (click here) or checked out her Instagram feed  (@helloitsjessxx) then you better right now! Her makeup was gorgeous - she created the prettiest ombre lips that matched perfectly with her outfit - love her!

Left - My friend Kiana as a Black Angel.
Right- My friend Rebeckah as a female Chucky.
Aidan was boring;) but I love him lots and he's my favourite!
Eloise - well she was evidently a vampire - look at how cool her fangs are! She looked so beautiful that night and her outfit was super pretty:-)

As you can see from all the photos, it was an amazing evening with amazing people. I cannot wait for Halloween again next year and for Lis' birthday party - she is the best hostess by far! Love how she catered for everyone and went all out by buying Halloween decorations, buying snacks and drinks for us all.

Sorry for these occasional lifestyle/diary entry posts - I just enjoy keeping memories through written words and photographs. If you do like them, then make sure to let me know in the comments if you want me to write about my days more often...I would love to know if they are actually enjoyable to read! If you want to read another post like this, then click here to see what my boyfriend and I got up to on our 1 year anniversary in London.

Love you all...


  1. Super cute halloween costume/look. hope you had a fantastic one

    Made in Mauve

  2. Wow! Everyones outfit & makeup is really good! Great post x


    1. aw thank you:-) I really love reading your blog. xxx


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