Crazy for Lip Combos!

4 October 2014

Hello my lovelies,

I am really excited about sharing this, as I have wanted to post this for quite some time. The reason I didn't upload sooner is because I have been experimenting with my lip products over the past couple of months to see what combinations I liked, so I could share the best ones with you guys:). 

Currently, I have four favourite lip combos that I have photographed on my lips, I've applied them all separately, as well as them both on together. So...after sore lips and many snapshots later, I've finally completed this post for you...


Combo 1 - Deep Red 
(Rebel review in this post here)
Combo 2 - Dark Pink

Combo 3 - Pink/Nude

Combo 4 - Peachy Nude
(Velvet teddy mentioned in more depth in this post)

In my opinion, I have to say that COMBO 1, has to be my fave! I love how the colour has so much more depth when both products are layered and paired together. The shade of red appears to become more richer and have slight purples hint to it; I am totally in love with this glamorous lip colour, perfect for an evening/night out! I must say it fits in rather well with the season too! I can't get enough of Autumn. 

Any further questions on any products mentioned above or in the photos, please don't hesitate to leave a little comment below:)

Love you all, thank you for reading.

Char Xx


  1. This is just tooo perfect! I've followed you on Bloglovin' - keep posting! xx

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

    1. This is so lovely! Aw, I followed back and will check out your blog xxx

  2. LOVED this post!! such a good idea! I have rebel, definitely going to start layering it with deeper colours. so excited to see more of your posts!

    becky xx

  3. Thank you so much:-) Yes you totally should, it looks amazing on its own though too!xxxxx

  4. I've been loving mixing lipstick and lipgloss recently, I love your combo number 1 x


  5. Ooooh all the colours look absolutely beautiful!!! Love them :)

    Layla xx

  6. All the colours look really nice and your blog is good


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