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26 October 2014

Hello everyone :-)

Today I thought I'd update you with a little less beauty inspired post. I wanted to talk about my favourite time of year - AUTUMN/WINTER! I can't wait to show you all the things I love about Autumn through a few pictures I've gathered together... enjoy!


Who can say no to red lips in the colder seasons? I certainly can't! Mac Rebel has been a staple in my Autumn/Winter  makeup routine, along with Mac's gorgeous Cranberry shadow; pairing these together can just give the prettiest seasonal look. I also cannot get over how gorgeous Bourjois' Jasper Rose blush looks when applied to the apples of your cheeks. It just gives your cheeks a natural, rosy flush that instantly brightens up your face. This is also a great dupe for Benefit's slightly pricey Rockateur, which I also adore dearly.

Cool-toned nail polishes are a must-have in the A/W period; Barry M are a sucker for an amazing nail polish range so I would highly recommend checking them out. Their price range is very low too, which is an ultimate plus! Personally, I recommend checking out (from left to right) Cappuccino, Raspberry, Indigo and Black - not the most imaginative of names, but nonetheless, these colours are gorgeous.

Finally, what doesn't say Winter in the beauty world without a bit of bath bomb love? I cannot wait to go into Lush this week and have a naughty splurge on all the Halloween and Christmas themed products. I will not be able to help myself and may have to get dragged out of their by my boyfriend..
Anyway, I luuurve Candy Mountain form LUSH and always make sure to keep a spare throughout the whole year until Christmas comes again. I like to keep my bath products on a Cake Stand that I bought from Wilko for £9.99.


Throughout the colder months, I tend to layer every outfit with a scarf and matching hat. My favourite combination are my grey scarf (Next) and grey hat (New Look) - the neutral colours make it so easy to pair with almost any outfit! The material is also super thick, which helps to keep me warm as well as 'fashionable' and cosy.

Next, is my undeniable love for tartan pajama bottoms. I am OBSESSED. The patterns are just so beautiful and the red/green/gold colours match perfectly with Christmas. In winter, especially December, I alternate between these bad boys and my collection of onesies.

Finally, on the fashion-front, I love to layer a collared shirt with a jumper. You can tell I've joined the layering bandwagon in the fashion world and I am totally loving this style. I think it just makes your outfits so much more interesting and cute at the same time! I am wearing a mint green, short sleeved mint shirt with a cropped Hollister white jumper.


From Summer to Autumn, my costa order changes from a mango & passion fruit cooler, to a large hot chocolate with heaps of cream and a few marshmallows. Hot drinks are such a must for me in the Winter, as I get cold so easily. I may be a bit naughty too and buy a Belgian Chocolate brownie - if you haven't tried one..DO IT, they are honestly heavenly.

Christmas candles and Autumn leaves. I don't even need to talk about Yankees, because everyone always raves about them whether it is summer, spring, winter or autumn. However, I prefer to burn candles in the Winter, maybe because it is colder? I don't know, it just doesn't feel right in Summer. I also love the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet, like most people do at this time of year. Who else cannot wait for the snow too?

This post has got me super excited for a lot of events coming up in the next few months. Halloween being first, I have a fancy dress party coming up and I'm going as Snow White, being the Disney fanatic I am. I will most likely document the night on here shortly after the 31st and will update you on my makeup if you would like to know. I'm really looking forward to Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Years; this year has gone way too fast but bring on 2015!

What are your Autumn/Winter Must-Haves? Have you got anything planned for Halloween? What are your favourite type of posts to read?

Love you all <3

Charlotte Xx


  1. Hi!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check the rules on my Blog:



  2. This is such a lovely, seasonal post! Mac Rebel lipstick and the Cranberry eye shade have been top of my wishlist for so long now! Definitely need to get my hands on them :) Also, yum to that hot chocolate! :D

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Aw thank you so much, this really made me smile:-) I love readers like you! I definitely recommend them, they are gorgeous for Autumn! The hot chocolate was delicious Xxxx

  3. I love candles during the winter! I do love that lipstick shade! Cute

    1. I know..i really love Snow in Love and Snowflake Cookie:-) Thank you xx

  4. hi :) i nominate you for the liebster award for more details check my blog:

    1. aw thank you so much, I will check it out right away:-) x

  5. Amazing post :) The make-up all looks gorgeous and that collar/jumper outfit looks gorgeous! I'm a sucker for collars, I love them so much! They're smart and cute at the same time :) xx

    1. SAME! I love how cute they look paired with a cosy winter jumper. I totally agree xx

  6. Love the blog x thanks for sharing x



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