Mac Lipstick 'Rebel' // Review

23 August 2014

Today I thought I'd write a little review on one of my latest lipstick purchases - one of Mac's satin finishes in REBEL. I have worn this multiple times since I bought it as I have been wanting this for quite some time now and I would like to share my opinion on it with you guys.

When looking for a lipstick, I am relatively picky. By this, I mean that I look for 5 specific features - whether the colour suits my lips/me, the pigmentation of the lipstick, how long it lasts throughout the day, the finish of the lipstick (matte, creamy, glossy) and how moisturising it is on my lips.

1. Personally, I like how dark coloured lipstick looks on me so I am comfortable in wearing it regularly and in public. REBEL is a beautiful deep purple that creates an unintentional ombre effect when applied on my lips. I'm not sure if this happens to everyone who has Rebel but when I apply this lipstick, it appears more dark and purple on the outside and much lighter and red on the inner part of my lips. I LOOOOVE ombre lips and have never been able to do them so when this happened I was so so happy.
2. This lipstick is so pigmented, as Mac's lip products have a good reputation for, and you will be able to see how pigmented it is below in some snaps of me wearing the little beauty!
3. OMG! Rebel is super long lasting and will remain on my lips from morning to night. Obviously, like the majority of lipsticks do, the full colour will tone down throughout the day but even when this happens, my lips are stained this natural scarlet colour.
4. Satin is probably one of my favourite lip finishes, with lustres as a close second. So this definitely ticked another box for me!
5. Finally, I think this lipstick is about 4/5 in the moisturising department. It certainly doesn't dry out my lips but I am not completely ecstatic about it fully hydrating them either.

Overall, I have become very obsessed with this lipstick and have received many compliments when wearing it so I am very impressed!

I hope to be posting very shortly, seeing as I have been unfaithful again and haven't blogged in a while...I am so so sorry and I mean it. Thank you all for sticking around and can't wait to see you in my next post.


  1. Looks like a lovely colour, need to get myself a mac lipstick as the formulas seem amazing!

    my blog and bloglovin:

    1. Yes the formulas are incredible, you should definitely save up for them because they are so worth the money. Thank you very much for visiting my blog:-) xxx

  2. This looks like a great lip colour for winter, I have something similar called Hang Up and I love it x


    1. Omg yes, I love that colour. Dark lipsticks are always amazing for autumn and winter, I love all of Mac's ones. I really like darkside too x

  3. This lipstick looks gorgeous!!! Such a beautiful shade! :)

    Layla xx

  4. I need this colour for Autumn/Winter, it's so beautiful!!

    Rebecca Coco

    1. OMG i know. This is going to be one of my a/w staples!xx


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