The Perfect Pink

21 July 2014

Hello everyone - I want to tell you about the latest edition to my lipstick collection. It is a YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in '01 Nude Beige' and it's the most gorgeous girly pink. I have been wanting one of these lipsticks for a while now, not just for the beautiful golden packaging, but for the amazing reviews I've read online about these wonderful things. I've only wore it a few times, since I'm scared of it running out already! Once again... my boyfriend decided to spoil me and bought it pour moi!

This 'Sensual, Radiant and Silky' described lipstick is encased in the most heavenly golden packaging. I can't begin to describe how beautiful it looks sitting on my dressing table; it also has by far the most aesthetically pleasing look compared to any of my other lipsticks. 

I totally agree with the description about it being radiant because the marvellous pigmentation allows the lipstick to be easily built up to your desired colour. Also, it ticks the box of being silky, as it has the most soft, moisturising finish and feel on the lips. The colour is honestly amazing too and I am super happy with the shade it creates on my lips - a girly summer pink, that some people would describe as a pinky-nude. 

Swatch (after one swipe)
I am so so excited to wear this throughout the whole of my summer holidays because I think it is the perfect feminine pink that will go with almost every outfit! As it is rather pricey at £25, which I know for certain not everyone will want to fork out for a single lipstick, so I've heard from a close friend that an almost identical dupe is Mac's Cremecup (£15), which is fairly cheaper. I'm sure you can find a drugstore dupe for this as well so just let me know in the comments below if you know anything similar that is cheaper than £15. 

As an added bonus, my boyfriend managed to find a deal that included two mini samples to arrive with the full sized product. These happened to be a YSL mascara, which looks a decent size for a highend sample. Finally, I got a little tube filled with YSL's manifesto fragrance; it smells amazing! If you ever get the chance or pass by a YSL counter, you have to go and smell this one.

My outro is becoming boringly repetitive but I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a week or so - I will try to be organised as much as I can but I can't promise anything as I'm going on holiday a few times over the Summer. Thank you for those who are sticking around - I love you all...

Goodbye Xxx

Do you own anything from Yves Saint Laurent? What is your summer staple lipstick?


  1. This is such a pretty shade, if it was a little cheaper I would consider it an everyday lipstick but I think it may be a little too expensive for that x


    1. I completely understand, I would be so scared that this would run out very quickly if I wore it everyday. Im only going to wear it on special occasions :-) it is sooo pretty though Xx

  2. The shade is gorgeous and the packaging's so cute definately going on my wish list:) x x

    1. I know!! I love how pretty and girly the colour is on the lips, it is perfect for summer! The packaging is so eyecatching Xx

  3. Wow, this color looks amazing! I'm always on the lookout for a beautiful pink like this one! Thank you for sharing! Please come visit my new blog too at

    1. Aw that is so lovely of you Melissy. Thank you very much and I will do x


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