The Perfect Pink

21 July 2014

Hello everyone - I want to tell you about the latest edition to my lipstick collection. It is a YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in '01 Nude Beige' and it's the most gorgeous girly pink. I have been wanting one of these lipsticks for a while now, not just for the beautiful golden packaging, but for the amazing reviews I've read online about these wonderful things. I've only wore it a few times, since I'm scared of it running out already! Once again... my boyfriend decided to spoil me and bought it pour moi!

This 'Sensual, Radiant and Silky' described lipstick is encased in the most heavenly golden packaging. I can't begin to describe how beautiful it looks sitting on my dressing table; it also has by far the most aesthetically pleasing look compared to any of my other lipsticks. 

I totally agree with the description about it being radiant because the marvellous pigmentation allows the lipstick to be easily built up to your desired colour. Also, it ticks the box of being silky, as it has the most soft, moisturising finish and feel on the lips. The colour is honestly amazing too and I am super happy with the shade it creates on my lips - a girly summer pink, that some people would describe as a pinky-nude. 

Swatch (after one swipe)
I am so so excited to wear this throughout the whole of my summer holidays because I think it is the perfect feminine pink that will go with almost every outfit! As it is rather pricey at £25, which I know for certain not everyone will want to fork out for a single lipstick, so I've heard from a close friend that an almost identical dupe is Mac's Cremecup (£15), which is fairly cheaper. I'm sure you can find a drugstore dupe for this as well so just let me know in the comments below if you know anything similar that is cheaper than £15. 

As an added bonus, my boyfriend managed to find a deal that included two mini samples to arrive with the full sized product. These happened to be a YSL mascara, which looks a decent size for a highend sample. Finally, I got a little tube filled with YSL's manifesto fragrance; it smells amazing! If you ever get the chance or pass by a YSL counter, you have to go and smell this one.

My outro is becoming boringly repetitive but I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a week or so - I will try to be organised as much as I can but I can't promise anything as I'm going on holiday a few times over the Summer. Thank you for those who are sticking around - I love you all...

Goodbye Xxx

Do you own anything from Yves Saint Laurent? What is your summer staple lipstick?

The Best Trip to London

10 July 2014

On Saturday the 5th of July, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being together. As a small present, I baked some cake pops for him and planned to buy him something nice out in London, if he saw anything out in the shops. Unfortunately, things didn't go to plan and we didn't end up finding much so I owe him a lot because he bought us tickets to see The Lion King in the West End. It was soooo good (more about that later!).

We travelled by train, in the early morning, so that we could spend a long lovely day together in London...

To begin, we made our way towards Covent Garden, as it wasn't far from where we were going to have lunch. We strolled along all the handmade art stalls and Aidan's mum ended up treating me to this cute pair of earrings. They are so beautiful and went perfectly with my dress, so I decided to put them in straight away! Surrounding the stalls, were high end brands like: Burberry, Chanel, Dior etc. Aidan and I went into them so that I could have a sneak peek at the makeup. In Dior, I ended up getting sprayed with their latest release - Dior Addict. The scent was absolutely gorgeous and it is another perfume that has nicely been added to my fragrance wishlist.

Whilst heading off to get our lunch, as we booked a table for 12 o'clock, myself and Aidan's mum got drawn into the Bodyshop. This was because we had seen a sign near the entrance saying 'Body Butters WERE £13 each, NOW £15 for 5'. We thought this deal was insane, as these were full sized 200ml body butters and the smaller ones cost £5 each! We had to take advantage and buy 5; Aidan's mother insisted I had three and she have the two. I got the Passion Fruit, Papaya and Blueberry scented ones and they smell gorgeous. I cannot wait to use them on my body!

It was now time for lunch, and we booked a table for Prezzo. I absolutely love Prezzo, their thin crust pizzas taste delicious! For my starter, I had cibatta bread with olive oil, my main meal was a margherita pizza topped with seasoned chicken and for dessert I had the most gorgeous chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice  cream. Despite Prezzo being quite expensive, it is definitely worth it and a lovely treat for yourself or if you wish to take someone out.

Now for my favourite part - The Lion King. I was completely amazed by the cast's performance. They did all the songs justice and the voices of everyone on stage were incredible. I wish I was up there with them *sad face*. I love all the songs in the Lion King - Circle of Life and Can you feel the love tonight are my faves! I loved the setting of the stage and the costumes were so detailed and made so well. It is definitely the best thing I have ever seen performed in my whole life and would do anything to go and see it again in the future. Although I haven't seen many West End productions, I would definitely recommend watching this immediately if you ever get the opportunity to do so. It really made my day and I love Aidan so much for buying me the tickets and he really knew how much it would mean to me and how much I wanted to see it. Oh, and we also had the best seats - front row of the the grand circle. The theatre was enormous too!

After enduring an amazing musical experience, Aidan and I went to find his mum. She very kindly bought us these gorgeous chocolate covered strawberries from a shop called Godiva. They were ridiculously priced at £10 each, but nonetheless, they tasted amazing. I also ended up having a sneaky look in mac and purchased 'REBEL' which I have had my eye on for such time now. I will be doing a review on this soon so watch out for it (I wore it at school this week and ended up getting at least 20 compliments, no exaggeration). I can't wait to share what I think about it with you.

We had a little snoop around the shops for a bit to see if I could find anything for Aidan. I ended up buying him some boxers from Jack Wills but unfortunately didn't find anything else so I owe him big time!! Anyway, as we were busy shopping, Aidan's parents decided to buy us some tickets for a play called Ghost Stories. I was so scared but overall I thought it was amazing how such a small cast of people could make an audience feel so tense and gripped. The plot was very clever and it had a really unexpected twist too.

To end the most incredible day, we went for a lovely night walk by the River Thames. I love seeing London at night time because of all the pretty lights. Aidan and I got some really nice photos and we got one together with the London Eye in the background. It happens to be my favourite photo from our day out. 

I want to say a massive thank you to Aidan and his family for making this day so special for me. I also want to say sorry if this post wasn't very interesting for you, but I wanted to make a post about this day so that I can look back at it as a memory for myself. Thank you all for reading to this point and hope you are all looking forward for my next post, which should be up in a couple of days.

Goodbye Xx

 Have you ever watched a show in London? Have you ever bought anything from the Bodyshop? Requests for future posts?

Beauty Bargain : Collection Cream Puff

6 July 2014

Don't we all love a bargain? I think you can all agree with me on that one. Even better - don't you just love picking up cheap, high quality makeup? YES, of course you do. Well... today's post will all be focused on the amazing Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Creams. Although I only have one, which I will explain more about later, these are just all round amazing - great lasting power, pretty matte finish and amazing pigmentation. This is an essential, cheap buy, so all you ladies should be picking one of these up next time you're in your local Boots.

I really love the packaging of this product, it is small and sweet. It also doesn't look tacky, as some cheap products can look which is another bonus.

My favourite thing about this lip cream is the incredible lasting power. I find that this almost stays on for the whole six hours whilst at school, which is pretty impressive for a product only worth £3! The finish is of the lip cream is matte but although most people find matte lipsticks drying, this keeps to its word about being moisturising. The colour appears to stain the lips, in my opinion (in a good way, of course).

Thought I'd take a little pic to show you how pigmented these beauties are. This is only after one swipe on the hand and gives off a gorgeous muted pink colour. 

Overall, I am completely and utterly impressed with my purchase. However, I think there is one slight negative about these Collection Lip Creams - there are only four shades!!! All I want is for Collection to bring out some new shades, then this will be perfect; I find that I would only wear two of the colours (including this one) out of the four, which is rather upsetting as I would love for the range to be wider so that I could buy more.

I hope you liked this more short and snappy styled blog post. I will be doing more of these posts if I end up picking some more bargains in the drugstore. Thank you all for reading and for all the positive comments and emails I receive from you guys; they make me smile and it means a lot.

Goodbye Xx

What are your favourite buys from the Drugstore? 
What is your favourite Lip Product?

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