Celebrity Inspired Summer Makeup : Julianne Hough

26 June 2014

I have a new type of post today, which is very exciting for me as it hopefully will be for you. I've decided to start doing celebrity styled posts based on their makeup looks - relating to a season or event etc. My first post is dedicated to the beautiful Julianne Hough - an actress who has performed in various films such a the 2011 production of Footloose and more recently 'Safe Haven', which I have to admit is one of my all time favourite films! I saw a photo of her earlier on in the week and was admiring her beautiful, subtle summer makeup and really wanted to try and create a similar look.

In this post, I will be showing you highend and drugstore alternatives for each make up product to create this stunning, bronzed goddess look. Let's get started...


Julianne always has flawless skin, so I thought it was essential to use a primer. When recreating this look, I chose to use the Benefit's Porefessional (£24.50) but a cheaper alternative could be Maybellines Baby Skin(£7.99).


From looking at the photos of Julianne above, I think she mainly had a dewy, healthy glow. Therefore, I opted for lighter coverage foundations that gave a dewy finish, rather than a matte. I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Light Beige (£10.99)  mixed with L'Oreal's Nude Magique Eau De Teint (£9.99). I tend to mix these two foundations because the Bourjois one is too light for me whereas the L'Oreal one is too dark so blending them together creates a perfect colour that matches my skin tone. Alternatively, if you want to splash out on something a little more expensive, I would reach for the All-in-one Body Shop BB Cream (£12.00) because it leaves a beautiful finish on the face. 


To further achieve Julianne's flawless skin, you MUST to conceal (don't feel, don't let it show:-)) Luckily, I am not very spot prone and hardly get spots so I do not usually need to cover any blemishes, however I am cursed with under eye blackness/circles. The perfect item for the job most definitely has to be the very loved Collection Lasting Perfection. This is the 3rd shade out of the 4 and perfectly hides my dreaded, hideous under eyes. Also, if you want to purchase a higher end concealer then I would definitely recommend using Benefit's Erase Paste. 


Obviously, I used very little powder in this look as Julianne had a gorgeous dewy finish. Therefore, I only powder areas on my face which I feel will get particularly shiny - very unattractive. I usually lightly powder my under eyes to set my concealer and my T-Zone. I do this with the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99), which I personally feel is much better than Rimmel's Stay Matte that everyone loves (sorry!). Thank you to my friend Jess (helloitsjessxx.blogspot.co.uk) for recommending this to me as I love it so much and you should all go and check out her blog - she is soooo lovable! If you are willing to spend your money on a more luxurious powder, then definitely spend it on Mac's Studio Fix Powder. I do think the Seventeen one is a great dupe for it!


Blush has to be my favourite part of this look. It is a peachy pink colour that looks gorgeous when the sun shines onto the cheeks or it really compliments a tanned face. In attempt to find something that worked similarly, I used my E.L.F Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky (£3.95). Just to let you know, the baked blushes from E.L.F are so so gorgeous and if you go on their website, at the minute they are 50% off - this means they are only £1.98!!! I absolutely love this blush, it girls such a sweet coral glow to the cheeks; it is also a two in one because I feel like it acts as a highlight too. An expensive alternative to this would be Benefit Rockateur (£24.50) - although this is rose gold, I think it would work really well with this look.


There seems to be little contour on Julianne's face in this Summer-y look, so I thought I would just create a basic 'C' on the face. This means I just used the NYC Big Bold Bronzing Powder (£1.99) to slightly accentuate my cheek bones and frame my face by blending a tiny bit on my temples. This bronzer is a great dupe for Benefit's Hoola (£24.50) which I love dearly, but unfortunately only have a small sample off. Need to purchase the full size!!!



I struggle a lot with my eyebrows because they are pretty not existent in the middle. I have rather dark hair so not having strong thick eyebrows really sucks:-(! However, I have recently been loving wax eyebrow kits as I feel they work much better than the pencils. My E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit (£3.95) is very well loved, as seen in the photo, and has a very similar formula, as well as aesthetically, to the Benefit Brow zings (£24.50), which I also am a fan on (I have tried it many times but haven't bought the actual product). The wax's are highly pigmented and make my eyebrows look much fuller, whilst still making them appear natural. Julianne has natural thin brows so I tried to mimick them... 

Eyeshadow Primer

This isn't really essential, but I like my eyeshadow to last throughout the day. I used some of a sample pod that I own of the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion. This really does make sure that my eyeshadow lasts from day till night. A really great dupe for this product from the drugstore is the E.L.F Eyelid Primer (£1.95).


I have recently become obsessed with the beauty of eyeshadows. In Julianne's look, you can't really tell but I'm guessing she would have very neutral, bronze glittery shades. For this, I opted for two colours in my Urban Decay Naked Palette (£37.00) - Shades Chopper and Bootycall. I placed bootycall all over the lid, with Chopper running on the outer corner of my eye. I then simply took my Mac Eyeshadow (£12.50) in the shade Cranberry and blended it well into the crease so no harsh lines were visible. To recreate a simple eye look, I would recommend purchasing an MUA Palette (all are £4) as they have a really nice range for neutral coloured eyes are are really cheap for people starting with eyeshadows.


Julianne tends to go for fairly thick liner but without a cat flick. I used Maybelline's Gel Liner (£7.99) with an angled brush to apply it easily. Another great eyeliner to use would be Soap and Glory's Supercat Liner (£6.00), as it is a liquid formula for those who prefer to use pen styled applicators.


Julianne's lashes are so girly and long so I decided to use my Maybelline's the Falsies ( ) to separate the lashes and extend them whilst using Rimmel's Scandal Eyes ( ) to thicken them up. Consequently, if you're craving something luxurious, you could purchase the YSL BabyDolly Mascara ( ). This mascara has the most beautiful gold packaging - in love. 



Finally, after a long long ramble (I apologise, I will make the next one of this series much shorter) I tried to find something cheap and similar to this coral glossy lip that Julianne regularly goes to. I chose to use my amazingly priced MUA Lipstick (£1.00) in the Shade 11 as they are highly pigmented and great quality for the small price. I then applied the Barry M Lipgloss Wand in the shade 10. These work wonderfully together to create a really pretty coral lip. Highend-wise, I would turn to Mac's Coral Bliss and use the same gloss as I used in my version of the look below.

Final Look

I hope you enjoyed this new series that I have started. I will hopefully be doing this at least once every two months or maybe more if it turns out to be a popular type of post. I really love the end result and would definitely wear it out on a day-to-day basis. If any of you have a preference on a celebrity that you would like be to do a look for, then email me specific photos (my email is in the side bar to the right).
Thank you for reading!

Goodbye Xx

Who are you favourite celebrities? Who's look would you like me to recreate next? 

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour ~ Rose Blossom ~

19 June 2014

Hello everyone! Today I thought that I'd do a nice little review on my latest purchase, which so happens to be this absolutely gorgeous Bobbi Brown Lipstick. 

Over the months, I have seen people raving about many Bobbi Brown products but I never thought of actually buying any myself...this was until I saw this beautiful colour. I found this little gem on an app called 'Depop' - if you don't know what this is you should definitely download it, especially if you are a beauty lover. Basically, you can buy items for incredibly cheap prices, as well as sell your own. This happened to be my first purchase and I am literally so so happy with it. The girl who sold it to me was lovely; she let me buy if for £12 (RRP - £19), it came with free postage and packaging AND she posted 1st class and it came the day after. The lipstick was in immaculate condition and was only lightly used to swatch. 

Moving on to the actual products itself. This colour is such a pretty and slightly deep pink/coral shade. The colour of the lipstick is quite misleading as it appears darker on the lips but I still love the shade nonetheless. I am a sucker for pink lips and the colour is really opaque with just one swipe. In a lipstick, the second thing after colour outcome is the pigmentation - I love a lipstick with high pigmentation. GUESS WHAT? This is truly one of the most pigmented lipsticks I have ever tried, it feels so smooth and creamy on the lips and I found myself rubbing my lips together a lot because of how soft they were.

Finally, I'd like to mention the lasting power. In one word - IMPRESSIVE. I wore this from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon and it barely needed touching up. Overall, I feel very happy about this purchase and will most definitely be buying from the girl again as well as purchasing more Bobbi Brown products. I cannot wait to try one of their blushers! 

Goodbye Xx

Do you own anything from Bobbi Brown? Would you like to see more reviews?

Spain Haul feat. Barcelona & Salou ~

4 June 2014

Hola Amigos! Long time no post.. *Inserts sad face*

As you may or may not have seen, I haven't posted on here in fair bit of time. There is good reasoning though and am getting straight back on the job! Anyway, this evening I wanted to share with you my trip to Salou, Spain with my school for our netball tour, which I briefly mentioned in my last post. This post will mainly contain photos of the items I bought there and at the airport; I will also include a few snaps of the hotel, maybe a couple of shots of myself and the luxurious beach opposite our hotel. Vamos!!!

This was my first naughty  purchase at the airport, but I mean, how could I resist duty free makeup? Exactly, you just can't. I ended up buying this Mac Eyeshadow in 'Cranberry' for just £10.40 - amazing! I have recently been loving this sort of colour and have been wanting this shadow for a while so I am very happy with my purchase.

YSL packaging is gorgeous!

The view from my balcony was beautiful. 

We visited a theme park on the second day and I bought this slush puppy. Despite its photogenic presence, the taste was absolutely vile and I ended up chucking it away after a few slurps...

This photo isn't particularly great but I got two braids on the beach. I think they look really pretty with my hair up or down.

Right, now enough of the holiday photos. Let us get onto the items I bought whilst out there...

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - I bought this in Boots the day before I left for Spain. This is kind of a cheat as I didn't exactly by it out there but my intention of buying this was specifically for the trip. I have heard a lot about this serum but never actually decided to try it out until now. I am so glad I did because I am absolutely in love with it. It honestly feels so healthy and light on the skin, whilst giving a smooth,even and medium coverage. Long lasting too! Definitely worth a try and would highly recommend trying this out if you aren't a fan of heavyweight full coverage foundations.

The rest of the products I bought are all from Barcelona. I ended up buying a lot of gifts for my family and boyfriend because they had lots and lots and lots of shops to the area of Barcelona we went to. Due to spending a lot on my family etc, I decided to get these two post cards as memorabilia of the trip. I really like buying little things like this as a way of remembering places,trips or events I've been to. It is always really fun to look back on all of them and reminisce everything you've done over the past year or past five years etc.

H&M was one of the first proper shops my friend and I went in. I only wanted to buy a few little bits for myself because I knew I wanted to spend quite a lot on something from a shop I will be mentioning next. Therefore, I only bought this little makeup blender, which was only 2.95 euros (£2.40) and two face masks - they were 1.99 euros each. I was intrigued by all the different face masks because a lot of them were scents I had never heard before. I am especially looking forward to smelling the dragon fruit one because I love fruity scents and I can't wait to see what the Dead Sea Mineral Mask will do to my skin. (I have heard that seaweed works wonders on your skin - let's hope it works!)

AAAAAHHHHH! I literally freaked out when I saw Sephora. OMG! I was ridiculously excited and I spent a loooong time in there deciding what I wanted to buy. I thought long and hard about what I wanted and I knew that I wanted to buy something from Sephora rather than Nars or Chanel, as it is quite hard to purchase items from Sephora in England. Anyway, I settled for this Pro Lesson Palette for Green Eyes. I cannot wait to try this out and I will most definitely be uploading a review on this product, where I will be talking in more depth about it - keep your eyes peeled. The cute lady also popped in a couple of Givenchy perfume samples into my bag.

I was struggling what to buy my parents from Barcelona. So I thought I would just buy them some sweet treats to share between them. There was a really nice chocolate/sweet store and all the goodies looked so yummy, I thought I would buy them from there. I may have to ask them to lend me a couple to try. 

I have already got the holiday blues and want to go back already. I wish I could have taken my family, best friend and boyfriend with me so much because it would have been great fun! Thanks all for reading and make sure to leave me your comments below on what you want my next post to be about.

What do you want me to write about next? Review/Favourites/OOTD?

Goodbye Xx

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