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15 May 2014

Hello! This evening I'm going to talk about five different pink lip colours which I think are perfect for the summer and spring season. I love wearing various tones of pink on my lips, as I feel pink is such a pretty but natural colour to wear on the face. There are 5 of my favourite Spring/Summer lip options so carry on reading if you want to find the perfect pink lip for your Summer this year...

Pink Punch - BabyLips

First up is a very loved Maybelline product - Babylips. This one is in the shade 'PINK PUNCH', which a bright pink tinted lip balm in funky packaging. At first, I wasn't overly keen on the Baby Lips products when I first bought Peach Kiss; a neutral/orange colour. However, I did grow to love them. I bought Pink Punch this year and fell in love with it. I love how sheer it looks on the lips and how it really brightens up your face. Being £2.99 as well is an extra bonus and will definitely be getting the whole collection. They are very moisturizing too.

Celestial - Apocalips

Here we have one of Rimmel's many beautiful lip collections - the 'APOCALIPS!' Not only is the name a pun, but an amazing lip colour and uniquely packaged too. I am not overly keen on the application wand but I really love the texture and satin finish that it gives. The Rimmel Apocalips collection are all lip lacquer - in between a lipstick and a lip gloss. The amount of shine is perfect for a girly, natural look! Finally, to top it all off, is that the lasting power is surprisingly good. Definitely a must-have for the coming summer and I want to add many more colours to my collection.

Elusive - Colourburst Matte Balm

 Right...I apologize for this above. ^^^ I completely forgot to moisturize my lips before applying this, as matte lip products tend to unveil dry lips, which I am having a very big problem with at the moment. So, there is the reason why this swatch looks hideous and I hope you forgive me for it. Now onto praising this product...this is a Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade ELUSIVE. I wanted to try this shade ever since it went on sale. *little story in 3,2,1* My best friend ordered this shade online and when it got delivered, she received 2 instead of just the 1. Being the amazing best friend she is, she decided to give the second one to me as she knew how much I had been wanting this! Love you Meg:) Anyway, Elusive is gives such a beautiful flush of pink to your lips, it has a sort of peachy undertone to it also. I am really looking forward to wearing this in the Summer with Sleek's Rose Gold Blush on the cheeks. My only tip when wearing this is what I mentioned earlier - MAKE SURE YOU APPLY LIP BALM BEFORE! 

Lovelorn - Lustre Finish

Mac's Lovelorn maybe one of the prettiest pinks in the world. I love lustre finishes because the formula is so glossy and creamy - completely eluding dry patches from becoming visible. My lips are pretty bad at the minute, as I mentioned earlier, so if you want to see a nicer swatch then have a look online to find a photo that gives this more justice. Lovelorn adds the perfect pop of colour to your outfit; you can build up the shade for a more intense pink. As you all know, Mac lipsticks retail at £15 - some people may think this is way too expensive for a lipstick, where as others may think this isn't too bad. Not a problem, I am pretty sure there are many dupes out there for Lovelorn if you don't want to splash out £15 on a lipstick, so go hunting and you'll probably find one just as nice for half the price!!!

Knock Out Pink - Ultra Colour Lipstick

Finally, can I bring your attention to this beautiful deep pink? 'Oh wow, it's gorgeous'...'Where is it from?' Well...I bought this for just £1 from Avon. BARGAIN. There is this lady who regularly visits my nan and brings avon items round to see if you wants to buy anything, so I thought I would go round there when she came round next. She held out a basket which contained soooo many lipsticks; she was selling each for a £1 (oops I bought 5). I'm not a huge fan of Avon makeup but I must admit that there lipsticks are a dream. For such a cheap price, their lipsticks offer great pigmentation, smooth, moisturized lips and rich colour. Not bad at all, if I say so myself...

From left to right: Pink Passion, Celestial, Elusive, Lovelorn, Knock Out Pink.

Thank you for all reading this far. I felt like I used the word 'lips' about 43234 times in this post, sorry! I hope I gave some of you some inspiration on what lipsticks to buy this Summer. See you soon...

What are your favourite pink lipsticks? What colour lips do you go for in the Summer? 

Goodbye Xx


  1. love the knockout pink color on you! xo, jess

    1. aw, thank you so so much. That is so sweet:-) Will check out your blog Xx

  2. These all look so pretty, I love pink lip products x


    1. Aw, thank you so much. Me too, they are my favourite:-) xx


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