Huge Primark Haul!

18 May 2014

Right, I may have accidentally spent a lot of money in Primark yesterday. All for a good reason, I guess...

My main aim of this shopping trip was to get some new Summer clothes, as next weekend I will be flying off to Salou, Spain with my school for a Netball Tour. We are staying in a really nice hotel, which has a pool and many great facilities (including free wi-fi woo). However, we are only spending two days playing Netball so the rest of the our time will be spent relaxing, swimming in the pool, going down to the beach(we are right next to the coast) and taking part in various other activities. I was really short on Summer clothes and my fashion has changed A LOT since last year, hence the crazy purchasing. 

Anyway, I stuck to most of my plan and bought 85% of clothing/items for my holiday but may have accidentally splashed out on other things such as makeup (I cannot help myself). This may take a while, who knows so let's get going... 


My main focus was to buy swim wear because I don't own any that fit me anymore/I don't like the ones that I own. I thought I would pick up this cute pineapple bikini. I love the bright, tropical colours and the fact that they are high waisted. The top half was £6 and the bottom half was £5.


 This swimming costume was the hardest item to photograph -EVER!
 I bought this for £8 and I love how cute the patterns are on the sides.
The colour is also so bright and a beautiful coral shade, which would look lovely against tanned skin.

Next, I decided that I was in need of a new white top. This was because I wanted something different to wear underneath my dungarees. I chose this top because I thought the patterns on it were so pretty yet subtle. It was also really inexpensive - £5!!!

I took two photos in separate lights, as the shade of blue looks more pastel in different light. I love this pastel checkered collared top because I don't have any clothing this colour. Also, I have a passion for collared shirts and I couldn't resist buying this; it was £10. 

Then, I headed towards the shorts. I was aiming to buy different colours because I already have a denim pair and a white pair which are really quite boring. I picked up the grey shorts first - they have this really pretty lace pattern on the pockets and on the hem. Later on, I spotted these coloured denim shorts. I fell in love with this mint green pair - you already know by now that this is my all time favourite colour. This pale muted pink pair also got my attention - I know they will look so cute with a lot of my summer clothes. They were all £5 each, which is amaaaazing for a pair of shorts.

Being a lover of pretty underwear, I decided to buy this matching pink pair for £5 and some cute singular pairs for only £1 each. My faves on the left picture are the peachy polkadot ones and the black and white cats!

I bought some white frilly socks to add to my 'frilly sock' collection. I seem to have a ridiculous amount now from topshop, newlook etc. However, I never have seemed to pick up any plain white ones, which was strange, so I decided to pick them up yesterday. Frilly socks add a lovely girly touch to an outfit and these are amazing for just £1.50. I also purchased some clear glitter jelly shoes online last night, so these will be paired perfectly with those. 

Finally, on the clothes side of things, I bought these two sets of pajamas. I love love love unique, girly pj's and I was in desperate need of pajama shorts, as I will be enduring hot Spanish nights. I adore the cute care bears and the pastel colours on the chupa chups pj's. I wore the care bears set last night and they were extremely comfortable! Definitely worth a buy...they were £8 each.


I wasn't planning on buying any flip flops because I knew I was going to buy some jellies and I had already picked up the pair of shoes I will be talking about next. However, how could you not pick up a watermelon pair of flip flops for just £1? Exactly. I had to. I love the pattern on them and they will definitely come in useful when strolling down to the beach.

These are literally the cutest pair of pumps; they will literally go with any outfit. I am planning on wearing these with dresses, shorts, skirts and even trousers. I love how they can be worn with pretty much every outfit and they are such an essential for Summer. When you go to Primark, I definitely recommend picking up these shoes - they are worth £4.


LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THIS HEAD GARLAND AND HEADBAND ARE!!! I love them both so much. The pearl white flower garland was £3 and the pink rose headband was £2.50.


I couldn't say no to the makeup. There are amazing offers on Primark makeup and some of the products are extremely good considering the cheap prices. I bought a brow pencil, kohl eyeliner crayon, natural falsh lashes and a lipcote. The lipcote intrigued me the most because a lot of people have been talking about it recently. It was £3 and claims to stop your lipstick from transferring when kissing as well as it lasting all day, throughout meals and whilst drinking. I am praying that this works.


And, finally. My last item that I purchased. This is the FLUFFIEST cushion I have ever felt and it was a dream to cuddle last night. The material is ridiculously soft and I love how cute it looks on the top of my bed covers.

Thanks for keeping up with this long post. I hope you enjoyed this haul - I will hopefully be posting a haul of all the items I buy in Spain. If anyone is interested in that post then please comment below...

Are you going anywhere exciting this year? Do you have any of the items I bought in Primark? Are there any recommendations on the P.S Love Primark Makeup range? 

Goodbye Xx


  1. Love this post, you picked up some really pretty things!
    Lipcote is honestly so amazing by the way:) at first the sensation and smell is a bit strange but when that passes, your lipstick will be completely waterproof xx

    1. OMG I'm so glad you said that it lasts well. Thank you so much:-) I tried it out last night and they smell was very strange and it felt quite tingly on the lips for a few seconds but was fine after that. xxxx

  2. I can never find anything I like in primark, but all these look amazing. I definitely need to find a larger store that will hopefully sell nice items like the ones you got x


    1. Aw thank you:) my local primark is awful so I went to a large department store...they are always amazing and full of a lot of things you will want to pick up:) tell me how you get on next time you go! Thank you again xxx

  3. Everytime I see Primark Hauls i get extremely jealous that there's not one where I live

    Aside from my envy, great post!! :)

    1. aw that is so cute:-) where do you live? It is a shame they don't have an online site :-( xxxx


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