Barry M Aquarium Nail Polish // Mediterranean

4 May 2014

Happy Sunday!

 Today I'm going to be talking about the latest addition to my nail polish collection - Mediterranean. This nail polish is by Barry M and is a part of their relatively new Aquarium Collection. Mediterranean was the shade that stood out to me the most but all of the colours are honestly beautiful and will be definitely buying them all eventually. In the collection, there are 4 duo chrome shades :
  • Mediterranean - A pink/copper colour with a slight golden sheen.
  • Caspian - A gold with subtle pink hints.
  • Pacific - A gorgeous sea blue that obtains various green tones.
  • Arabian - A green with a golden sheen.

There are also two glitter polishes :
  • Mermaid - Green, blue and gold shards of glitter.
  • Treasure Chest - Gold and pink/rose gold glitter shards.
I absolutely love the consistency of the nail polishes and Barry M, like always, never fail to disappoint me with their amazing quality and low priced products. Each nail polish in this collection retails at £3.99 and there is a 3 for 2 offer on Barry M products in Superdrug at the moment so do not hesitate to pick up one or even three of these beautiful polishes. 

These duochrome nail polishes are very difficult to photograph and especially because my camera quality isn't of high standard you can search online for better swatches. In the swatch, I have only applied the nail polish once and it leaves a beautiful finish, not so noticeable in the photo but it looks stunning. 

I have seen a lot of people raving about this collection recently and I have seen lots of beauty gurus talk about how they apply a black nail varnish as a base coat before applying these duochrome polishes. Apparently, it gives the true colour of the polish with only one coat, so I'm going to try it next time I put it on.

Finally, I'd just like to say that I am very keen to buy the other five polishes in the Aquarium Collection. I forgot to mention how the names are all related to the ocean and I found that really interesting. I love it when brands give their polishes unique names! Personally, I really want to purchase pacific and mermaid next. Thank you for reading...

Goodbye Xx


  1. Hey love this nail colour, your blog is so nice :) could you check out mine?x xx

    1. Aw thank you so much. Will be sure to check out your blog and leave you some comments too:-) xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Isnt it just? I love it so much and i love your blog xxx

  3. Replies
    1. aw thank you so much:-) I absolutely love the colour of it xxxx

  4. Beautiful shade :) I'll add it to my list of things I want haha! (the list is getting pretty long)

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Haha, I couldn't resist getting it:-) I have a long list too..sigh. What's top of your list to buy?xxxx

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