Huge Primark Haul!

18 May 2014

Right, I may have accidentally spent a lot of money in Primark yesterday. All for a good reason, I guess...

My main aim of this shopping trip was to get some new Summer clothes, as next weekend I will be flying off to Salou, Spain with my school for a Netball Tour. We are staying in a really nice hotel, which has a pool and many great facilities (including free wi-fi woo). However, we are only spending two days playing Netball so the rest of the our time will be spent relaxing, swimming in the pool, going down to the beach(we are right next to the coast) and taking part in various other activities. I was really short on Summer clothes and my fashion has changed A LOT since last year, hence the crazy purchasing. 

Anyway, I stuck to most of my plan and bought 85% of clothing/items for my holiday but may have accidentally splashed out on other things such as makeup (I cannot help myself). This may take a while, who knows so let's get going... 


My main focus was to buy swim wear because I don't own any that fit me anymore/I don't like the ones that I own. I thought I would pick up this cute pineapple bikini. I love the bright, tropical colours and the fact that they are high waisted. The top half was £6 and the bottom half was £5.


 This swimming costume was the hardest item to photograph -EVER!
 I bought this for £8 and I love how cute the patterns are on the sides.
The colour is also so bright and a beautiful coral shade, which would look lovely against tanned skin.

Next, I decided that I was in need of a new white top. This was because I wanted something different to wear underneath my dungarees. I chose this top because I thought the patterns on it were so pretty yet subtle. It was also really inexpensive - £5!!!

I took two photos in separate lights, as the shade of blue looks more pastel in different light. I love this pastel checkered collared top because I don't have any clothing this colour. Also, I have a passion for collared shirts and I couldn't resist buying this; it was £10. 

Then, I headed towards the shorts. I was aiming to buy different colours because I already have a denim pair and a white pair which are really quite boring. I picked up the grey shorts first - they have this really pretty lace pattern on the pockets and on the hem. Later on, I spotted these coloured denim shorts. I fell in love with this mint green pair - you already know by now that this is my all time favourite colour. This pale muted pink pair also got my attention - I know they will look so cute with a lot of my summer clothes. They were all £5 each, which is amaaaazing for a pair of shorts.

Being a lover of pretty underwear, I decided to buy this matching pink pair for £5 and some cute singular pairs for only £1 each. My faves on the left picture are the peachy polkadot ones and the black and white cats!

I bought some white frilly socks to add to my 'frilly sock' collection. I seem to have a ridiculous amount now from topshop, newlook etc. However, I never have seemed to pick up any plain white ones, which was strange, so I decided to pick them up yesterday. Frilly socks add a lovely girly touch to an outfit and these are amazing for just £1.50. I also purchased some clear glitter jelly shoes online last night, so these will be paired perfectly with those. 

Finally, on the clothes side of things, I bought these two sets of pajamas. I love love love unique, girly pj's and I was in desperate need of pajama shorts, as I will be enduring hot Spanish nights. I adore the cute care bears and the pastel colours on the chupa chups pj's. I wore the care bears set last night and they were extremely comfortable! Definitely worth a buy...they were £8 each.


I wasn't planning on buying any flip flops because I knew I was going to buy some jellies and I had already picked up the pair of shoes I will be talking about next. However, how could you not pick up a watermelon pair of flip flops for just £1? Exactly. I had to. I love the pattern on them and they will definitely come in useful when strolling down to the beach.

These are literally the cutest pair of pumps; they will literally go with any outfit. I am planning on wearing these with dresses, shorts, skirts and even trousers. I love how they can be worn with pretty much every outfit and they are such an essential for Summer. When you go to Primark, I definitely recommend picking up these shoes - they are worth £4.


LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THIS HEAD GARLAND AND HEADBAND ARE!!! I love them both so much. The pearl white flower garland was £3 and the pink rose headband was £2.50.


I couldn't say no to the makeup. There are amazing offers on Primark makeup and some of the products are extremely good considering the cheap prices. I bought a brow pencil, kohl eyeliner crayon, natural falsh lashes and a lipcote. The lipcote intrigued me the most because a lot of people have been talking about it recently. It was £3 and claims to stop your lipstick from transferring when kissing as well as it lasting all day, throughout meals and whilst drinking. I am praying that this works.


And, finally. My last item that I purchased. This is the FLUFFIEST cushion I have ever felt and it was a dream to cuddle last night. The material is ridiculously soft and I love how cute it looks on the top of my bed covers.

Thanks for keeping up with this long post. I hope you enjoyed this haul - I will hopefully be posting a haul of all the items I buy in Spain. If anyone is interested in that post then please comment below...

Are you going anywhere exciting this year? Do you have any of the items I bought in Primark? Are there any recommendations on the P.S Love Primark Makeup range? 

Goodbye Xx

Pink Lips

15 May 2014

Hello! This evening I'm going to talk about five different pink lip colours which I think are perfect for the summer and spring season. I love wearing various tones of pink on my lips, as I feel pink is such a pretty but natural colour to wear on the face. There are 5 of my favourite Spring/Summer lip options so carry on reading if you want to find the perfect pink lip for your Summer this year...

Pink Punch - BabyLips

First up is a very loved Maybelline product - Babylips. This one is in the shade 'PINK PUNCH', which a bright pink tinted lip balm in funky packaging. At first, I wasn't overly keen on the Baby Lips products when I first bought Peach Kiss; a neutral/orange colour. However, I did grow to love them. I bought Pink Punch this year and fell in love with it. I love how sheer it looks on the lips and how it really brightens up your face. Being £2.99 as well is an extra bonus and will definitely be getting the whole collection. They are very moisturizing too.

Celestial - Apocalips

Here we have one of Rimmel's many beautiful lip collections - the 'APOCALIPS!' Not only is the name a pun, but an amazing lip colour and uniquely packaged too. I am not overly keen on the application wand but I really love the texture and satin finish that it gives. The Rimmel Apocalips collection are all lip lacquer - in between a lipstick and a lip gloss. The amount of shine is perfect for a girly, natural look! Finally, to top it all off, is that the lasting power is surprisingly good. Definitely a must-have for the coming summer and I want to add many more colours to my collection.

Elusive - Colourburst Matte Balm

 Right...I apologize for this above. ^^^ I completely forgot to moisturize my lips before applying this, as matte lip products tend to unveil dry lips, which I am having a very big problem with at the moment. So, there is the reason why this swatch looks hideous and I hope you forgive me for it. Now onto praising this product...this is a Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade ELUSIVE. I wanted to try this shade ever since it went on sale. *little story in 3,2,1* My best friend ordered this shade online and when it got delivered, she received 2 instead of just the 1. Being the amazing best friend she is, she decided to give the second one to me as she knew how much I had been wanting this! Love you Meg:) Anyway, Elusive is gives such a beautiful flush of pink to your lips, it has a sort of peachy undertone to it also. I am really looking forward to wearing this in the Summer with Sleek's Rose Gold Blush on the cheeks. My only tip when wearing this is what I mentioned earlier - MAKE SURE YOU APPLY LIP BALM BEFORE! 

Lovelorn - Lustre Finish

Mac's Lovelorn maybe one of the prettiest pinks in the world. I love lustre finishes because the formula is so glossy and creamy - completely eluding dry patches from becoming visible. My lips are pretty bad at the minute, as I mentioned earlier, so if you want to see a nicer swatch then have a look online to find a photo that gives this more justice. Lovelorn adds the perfect pop of colour to your outfit; you can build up the shade for a more intense pink. As you all know, Mac lipsticks retail at £15 - some people may think this is way too expensive for a lipstick, where as others may think this isn't too bad. Not a problem, I am pretty sure there are many dupes out there for Lovelorn if you don't want to splash out £15 on a lipstick, so go hunting and you'll probably find one just as nice for half the price!!!

Knock Out Pink - Ultra Colour Lipstick

Finally, can I bring your attention to this beautiful deep pink? 'Oh wow, it's gorgeous'...'Where is it from?' Well...I bought this for just £1 from Avon. BARGAIN. There is this lady who regularly visits my nan and brings avon items round to see if you wants to buy anything, so I thought I would go round there when she came round next. She held out a basket which contained soooo many lipsticks; she was selling each for a £1 (oops I bought 5). I'm not a huge fan of Avon makeup but I must admit that there lipsticks are a dream. For such a cheap price, their lipsticks offer great pigmentation, smooth, moisturized lips and rich colour. Not bad at all, if I say so myself...

From left to right: Pink Passion, Celestial, Elusive, Lovelorn, Knock Out Pink.

Thank you for all reading this far. I felt like I used the word 'lips' about 43234 times in this post, sorry! I hope I gave some of you some inspiration on what lipsticks to buy this Summer. See you soon...

What are your favourite pink lipsticks? What colour lips do you go for in the Summer? 

Goodbye Xx

The Disney Tag!

12 May 2014

Hello everyone! I have been very busy today and was planning to do a post that included a lot of swatches. However, I was very busy and ended up getting home when the light was horrible so it was impossible to take any decent photos. I really wanted to post tonight though so I thought I would try out the Disney Tag. I have seen many different variations of these tags with lots of different questions but this is one that I found online when I typed it so here goes... (I'm a crazy disney fan, just warning you...)

  • 1. Favorite Disney movie? How can you even ask me this question? This changes so frequently and I love 99% of Disney films, however at the minute I have a thing for Frozen. I also love Tangled and The Little Mermaid.
  • 2. Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Of course - it has to be Disney World!!!
  • 3. Favorite Disney character? My favourite Disney character Thumper from Bambi, Olaf or Flounder from the Little Mermaid. My favourite Disney princess would be Elsa or Ariel. 
  • 4. The first Disney movie you remember seeing in the theatres? Hmm...I'm not sure about this one but the first Disney film that I remember watching was Dumbo.
  • 5. What type of Disney item do you collect the most? (Pins, dvds, dolls, etc.) This is an easy one - CUDDLY TOYS.
  • 6. Your favorite Disney song? I am going to have to say 5 of my favourites. These have to be: Let it Go from Frozen, Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman from Frozen, Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas and Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast.
  • 7. Favorite attraction/ride at the parks? All of them. There isn't one I don't like - Its A Small World always bring back good childhood memories though.
  • 8. What is your dream job at Disney? I would love to perform there as Princess Ariel or Elsa.
  • 9. Who's the park character you never want to miss meeting at the parks? Thumper, the rabbit from Bambi.
  • 10. What's your most treasured Disney item? Probably my whole Disney cuddly toy collection, oh and my Minnie Mouse Ears...
  • 11. Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet? I really want to meet Idina Menzel who voiced Elsa in Frozen. 
  • 12. Favorite Disney movie that's not a classic/famous? The Great Mouse Detective. I absolutely loved this film and watched it all the time when I was younger. I found myself singing to one of the songs from this recently which was slightly random but no-one that I've spoken to knows of this so I guess this fits into this category.
  • 13. Your favorite snack to get at the parks? Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars!!!
  • 14. Flounder, Sebastian, or Scuttle? Flounder.
  • 15. Your favorite princess dress/outfit? I absolutely love Princess Jasmine's outfit because it is not a typical girly dress. However, I do love Belle's golden gown...
  • 16. What's the saddest moment for you in any Disney film? Mufasa's death in the Lion King and Simba is trying to make him wake up:(. 
  • 17. Best Disney kiss? The Lady and the Tramp's, with all the spaghetti it is too cute!
  • 18. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie, which would you choose? I think I would live in the Little Mermaid because then I could live underwater and that would be amazing.
  • 19. Do you plan to have/have you had your honeymoon at a Disney park? This is quite a funny question because my boyfriend and I were discussing this the other day. I really would like to spend a week or two in Florida for my honeymoon but also go to other places as well, like Paris and other states in America.
  • 20. Post a picture that's Disney-related. 
Yesterday I celebrated my younger cousin's 8th birthday. Being the difficult child she is, she wanted my mother to make her an Olaf cake, as she loves Frozen just as much as I do. My mum is very known in my family for making birthday cakes and she is always determined to make them for us all; her butter cream cakes are absolutely delicious. I thought this was absolutely brilliant bless her.
A cute photo from a fancy dress party in 2005. I went as Princess Jasmine and my friend went as Princess Belle.

One of my many Minnie Mouse cuddlies. This is definitely one of my favourites as her clothing looks similar to the clothing that I wear. She is so cute! 

I have picked and chosen various questions from different tags and shortened them because a lot of them seemed to be 50 questions long; which I personally think is way too much because it would have became very boring! However, I hope you liked this different styled post and would love your feedback on tags as I am not too sure whether you think they are boring? If you would like to see more tags from me then please leave suggestions in the comments, as I haven't seen many blogger tags funnily enough.

My next post should be coming shortly when I hopefully find time this week to take some decent photos for you. Leave suggestions below on what beauty-related post you want to see up on my blog this week...

What is your favourite Disney character? & What would you like to see in my next blog post?

Goodbye Xx

Benefit Samples

5 May 2014

When I went to put my nail polish on for yesterday blog post, I looked on my dressing table to see all my makeup samples. I absolutely love makeup/skincare/hair/fragrance samples and enjoy collecting them - sad, I know but I love arranging them different ways. All of my samples sit in this cute bowl that I bought a couple of months ago and maybe I will photograph it in the future if any of you wish to see it or want to know how many samples I have etc. Anyway, I noticed I had a fair amount of small Benefit samples that I absolutely love to wear and some that I wear on a regular basis ( this isn't a good thing because they are sample sizes and may run out any second). Today's post is about these samples and I guess I'm going to write a little review on each products... ENJOY!

Porefessional - This may actually happen to be my favourite Benefit product that I have tried. It is crazily good and works so well on my skin. It is said to be the UK's best-selling primer and this statement does not surprise me at all. It minimizes my pores to a treat and makes my skin feel a whole lot softer, smoother and really helps to create a silky base to apply my makeup. When applying the Porefessional, I recommend only using a pea-sized amount as it does the job perfectly and that way you are also preserving the product. I apply this around my nose, T-Zone and any rough/dry patches around my face to make them smoother and be rid of visible pores or uneven skin. Another bonus is that it leaves your makeup on for double the time it usually does; I will most definitely be picking a full size one of these up next time I go to Debenhams.

Hello Flawless - I have only tried this a couple of times because I don't want to use it all up seeing as the bottle is very small. From what I've tried, I can say that this foundation is so-so. I'm not sure whether I can say that I like it quite yet as I have only tried very little. I apply this with a buffing brush or my fingers. The coverage is fairly light but can be built to a more medium coverage. However, I still need to use a concealer afterwards because my blemishes are still visible once the foundation is blended into my skin. The formula is dewy and creamy but looks very natural on the skin and I would wear this on days when my skin is looking blemish-free for a healthy look. 

Hoola - This bronzer is my absolute fave. I have used this the most out of all my benefit samples and I am literally in love with it. It has a matte finish, which looks so pretty and natural looking on the skin; it really defines my jaw when placed in the hollows of my cheeks and additionally gives my face amazing shape when applying it in other places, such as my temples. All round amazing product - NO fault whatsoever. 

Benetint - Sorry to all of you Benetint lovers out there but I literally can't stand what this looks like on me. I hate how watery the product is and it looks awful on both my lips and cheeks. It doesn't blend very easily at all and the brush is equally as awful. I was excited to try this product but as soon as I did, I wanted to go back. Due to Benetint being a stain/tint (as the name clearly suggests), the lasting power is very good; this must be the only up side to this product. I also find the whole concept of using a product on both my lips and cheeks rather strange, however, I do really like the look of the Lolli Tint and want to try that in the near future.

They're Real - First of all, I just want to say how much I love taking photos of mascara wands. They look so pretty and I think I might be crazy... Anyway, this mascara is very loved in the beauty world and I can totally see why. It really lengthens my lashes, making them look fluttery and girly but still remaining natural. On the odd occasion, I do get a few clumps now and again but I guess you do on most mascaras. Overall, I love this mascara.

Ultra Plush Lipglosses - Finally are these three Benefit lipglosses in Hoola, Coralista and Dandelion. This is not a normal thing to begin with, but I love the smell of these, especially when they are on my lips. I can't describe the smell but I really love it... despite my friend not really liking the scent at all. More importantly, I only really like one of these lipglosses - Dandelion. I love how natural it looks on my lips and is great for those who aren't comfortable wearing a dark lip. I wear this at school on a regular basis; the colour is a pink/pearly nude and is great for subtle everyday wear. On the other hand, Hoola is not my sort of lip gloss colour. I don't really like brown colours on my lips as it doesn't flatter me at all. Also, Coralista is a very bright colour and doesn't really suit me. I think other people would look really nice with it on but it just isn't for me. 

All products mentioned above.

In the future, I would really love to buy some full size Benefit products, as sadly I don't own any full sized items...yet! A few on my wishlist are: the Porefessional, Rockateur Blush, Hoola and the Lolli Tint.

I hope you all liked this post and found it helpful in some way. I would also like to know if you like these sort of posts/reviews. Thank you for sticking around and it means a lot when you comment/send me nice messages. Leave your blog links below and I will be sure to check them all out as I love to read all of your posts!!!

What is your favourite Benefit product? Is there any you would recommend me getting?

Goodbye Xx

Barry M Aquarium Nail Polish // Mediterranean

4 May 2014

Happy Sunday!

 Today I'm going to be talking about the latest addition to my nail polish collection - Mediterranean. This nail polish is by Barry M and is a part of their relatively new Aquarium Collection. Mediterranean was the shade that stood out to me the most but all of the colours are honestly beautiful and will be definitely buying them all eventually. In the collection, there are 4 duo chrome shades :
  • Mediterranean - A pink/copper colour with a slight golden sheen.
  • Caspian - A gold with subtle pink hints.
  • Pacific - A gorgeous sea blue that obtains various green tones.
  • Arabian - A green with a golden sheen.

There are also two glitter polishes :
  • Mermaid - Green, blue and gold shards of glitter.
  • Treasure Chest - Gold and pink/rose gold glitter shards.
I absolutely love the consistency of the nail polishes and Barry M, like always, never fail to disappoint me with their amazing quality and low priced products. Each nail polish in this collection retails at £3.99 and there is a 3 for 2 offer on Barry M products in Superdrug at the moment so do not hesitate to pick up one or even three of these beautiful polishes. 

These duochrome nail polishes are very difficult to photograph and especially because my camera quality isn't of high standard you can search online for better swatches. In the swatch, I have only applied the nail polish once and it leaves a beautiful finish, not so noticeable in the photo but it looks stunning. 

I have seen a lot of people raving about this collection recently and I have seen lots of beauty gurus talk about how they apply a black nail varnish as a base coat before applying these duochrome polishes. Apparently, it gives the true colour of the polish with only one coat, so I'm going to try it next time I put it on.

Finally, I'd just like to say that I am very keen to buy the other five polishes in the Aquarium Collection. I forgot to mention how the names are all related to the ocean and I found that really interesting. I love it when brands give their polishes unique names! Personally, I really want to purchase pacific and mermaid next. Thank you for reading...

Goodbye Xx

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