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3 April 2014

Today I just want to talk about my three favourite red lip products. I say lip products, rather than lipsticks, because a sneaky little Bourjois Lip Crayon has made its way into my favourites. These will probably change during the course of the next month because I love buying new things and trying different brands etc. But I just wanted to show you what reds I've been loving recently...

Here goes...

~ Kate Moss 107 ~

Just because this is an early point to this blog post, I want to say that these photos are the worst quality and I am very sorry. I took these late at night so the lighting is atrocious and please forgive me basically.
Anyway, this is probably my favourite dark red lip. It is a true, deep berry colour and I love the way it looks on my lips. I usually apply this with a thin layer of clear lip balm first, as this lipstick has the tendency to dry out on the lip. However, that's what you get with pretty much every matte lipsticks so I'm not too bothered. That is the only downfall to this product because everything else about it is just great. Oh, and the packaging is lovely and I really want to try out more of the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick range.

~Avon Chilli~

My next favourite red lipstick is this true, vivid red from Avon. I think most people under estimate Avon's makeup products but I actually think they are really good quality. I have a few more of their lipsticks and they are just as good as any others I own. This lipstick lasts all night and I love wearing this on an evening out. Red is my favourite colour to wear when going out for dinner/going to a party and this lipstick is the best for the job. Whilst obtaining this true red colour, the lasting power is excellent and stays on FOREVER. The packaging isn't too bad either and my love for this lipstick is so strong. I think I bought this for roughly £5.00, which I thought was amazing for the job it does.

~Bourjois Colour Boost - Red Sunrise ~

The fact that this is the worst photo I have ever taken makes me sad. This photo gives this product no justice and makes me extremely upset. I love love love bourjois colour boosts. They have been a favourite of pretty much anyone who has bought one and I can completely see why. I have tried almost all the colours, however this is the only one I own. It gives the prettiest sheer red colour to your lips and can be built up to create a slightly darker and less sheer tone. Red Sunrise is one of my faves because I can put it on top of any other red lipstick to give the perfect shine/gloss to it. These retail at £7.99, which really isn't too bad for bourjois products to be honest.

I thought I should add some (awful quality) swatches to give you all a rough idea on what I've been talking about. Hopefully this will give a clearer view on what I've been speaking about.

Left to right - Chilli(Avon), 107(Rimmel), Red Sunrise(Bourjois)

Thank you very much for all your support/comments/views because it means a lot to me. I am also very VERY sorry for the awful quality of this post and will promise to make my next one a million times better than this. I think I will be doing a review in my next blog post which should be up Sunday, so make sure you come back to see it!

Goodbye xx


  1. Love this, trying all of these now! Xxxx

    1. aw thank you Jess, borrow them when you come to mine next:-) xxxxx

  2. Amazing picks, love the one from kate moss! ❤️


    1. aw thank you very much. I love it, I think i might have to be my fave! xxx

  3. I'm not daring enough to go for a red lip but all 3 of these products look amazing x


    1. you should! I bet you would look lovely with a red lip:-) go for it;-)
      thank you xxx

  4. I really need to try the kate moss one! Love the swatches xx


  5. kate moss is my fav colour! xx


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