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13 April 2014

Firstly, I want to apologise for not posting last Sunday, as that was my last oppurtunity to post before I went on holiday for the week. I had an amazing time and I went with all my family and my boyfriend. We went to Hemsby - I'm not sure if anyone will be familiar with this place but it is a little place about ten minutes from Great Yarmouth, so it is by the coast. The weather was pleasant most of the time, enabling us to have quite a lot of days out by the beach, going shopping or just going for a walk. I spent a little bit of money on some items in Hemsby, Yarmouth and Wroxham (a little village not far from where we were staying). Anyway, I'm going to crack on with this post as it may take a while...

All the items I purchased!!!

 The first two products I thought I would speak about are the two makeup items I bought when we went to a village called Wroxham. This little village was so so pretty and all the shops were really cute. You could have a ride on a steam train, have a ride on a boat down the cute little river, have a look in all the shops or go to a farm. We didn't quite manage to get the timings right for a steam train or boat ride but we managed to shop quite a bit AND visit the farm.
The shop I spent the majority of my time in was ROYS. This was a fairly big department store and I loved looking around it all. There was a beauty section with drugstore brands, highend fragrances and lots of random products in baskets. I found this quite strange so my boyfriend and I had a look and basically, the baskets were filled with reduced makeup products. It was AMAAAAZING and I wish I had spent more money on makeup whilst in there. However, I managed to pick up one of the ever-so talked about NYX jumbo eye pencils in the shade 'Almond' for only £2.99 and Maybelline's Pink Punch Babylips for £2.49. I was really happy because I picked these products up cheap and they weren't damaged in the slightest.

Sticking to the makeup, I also picked up two of these cutely packaged lip glosses. I got them in an arcade near where we were staying and thought they looked cute. The scents are surprisingly strong and the flavours of the pink one is 'Cherry Cream' and the orange coloured on is 'Honeydew Melon'.

Back to Wroxham, I also spent a bit of money on bath-related items. Overall, I ended up with four bath bombs and two soaps. However, only two bombs and one soap were for myself. The other soap I bought for my boyfriend's mum and the other two bombs are part of a present for my best friends birthday. The amount of unique and different scents that there were in this section of the shop was ridiculous.
In the top left, I bought this bath bomb called 'Fairy Ring Brulee' - I just want to eat it! The top right photo is three mini bath bombs that I thought all looked adorable and smelt so good. The yellow one at the top is mine and smells strongly of lemons. The other two I'm not quite sure of names but will find them out if anyone wants to know? I can't quite describe the smells either so really sorry! The bottom two photos are just a small selection of the vast amount of bombs and soaps you can choose from. My favourite part of Roys was smelling the different soaps with my boyfriend and choosing which ones were our favourites.

The left photo is the soap I bought and the other two photos are different views of the Lemon Meringue soap I bought for my boyfriend's mum.

My final two purchases in Roys was this mint green (fave colour) heart photo frame, which I think would look really good in my room once it is finally decorated and this heart straw candle jar. However, I won't be putting a candle in this, as i think it would look odd and lost in such a big jar, so I'm going to put makeup in it. I don't know what sort of things to put in it yet (maybe lipbalms?) but maybe you could give me suggestions as to what you think would look nice in there.

In Hemsby, my boyfriend and I took walks on the beach. I decided to buy a small shell box in the shape of a heart (this seems to be some sort of unintentional theme) and pick a pretty stone from the beach to put inside. I guess as some sort of memorabilia. You may think this is cringey, but I don't really care because I wanted to remember this holiday.

Finally, these photos are of items that I won from machines or saved up tickets for in the arcades. I loved this clock and thought it would look great in my bedroom against my cream wall colour. I also love disney, if you don't already know, so I traded in my tickets for this adorable princess mug. Lastly, I won two of the famous tatty teddy keyrings. I love tatty teddy bears!

To finish this awfully long and winded post, I am just going to leave a few photos below that I took whilst I was on holiday. Thank you all for reading this far if you managed it. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and look out for my next post in the next day or too...

Goodbye Xx


  1. I would have bought the whole shop! SO CUTE!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful, my favourite is defiantly the cup cake clock!
    I really love reading your posts and your images and swatches always make me realise that i need to improve and include more in my own blog haha!
    This is why i have nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award!
    If you do decide to comeplete the tag i would really love to read your responces so please let me know!
    You can check out the award here on my blog :

    x x x x

    1. Aw thank you, this is so sweet and smile. I commented on your blogger awards post and it is lovely that you tagged me to do it:-) thank you so much xxx

  3. You've taken some lovely pictures! Loved reading about your trip away!
    Hope you had a lovely time!

    Charlotte //

    1. Aw thank you so much, I really love reading your blog:-) this is so sweet Xx

  4. Wow, I just came across your blog and its just fab! The things you bought on holiday are really cute and I wish I had that cupcake clock xxx

    1. aw, thank you very much that made me smile:-) I really love the clock too and I will check out your blog now!!!xxxx

  5. Wow I'm so jealous! I want it all! (sang in Sharpay's voice!) I think I could live in that shop! oh my and the princess mug<3

    Niamh xx

    1. This is so sweet, thank you. And haha, i love high school musical:-) I wanted to buy everything and I love Disney. Love your blog too, I read through your posts the other day:-)xxxxx


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