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26 April 2014

I am ever so sorry for not posting since last Sunday, or was it the last one? OOPS! I have been so busy during the past week and I couldn't quite find any time to write a post. However, I'm back again and hopefully going to keep up with this and post at least twice a week - at least!

The fragrance I am about to talk about today is my holy-grail perfume/scent. It wins hands down, against any other scent that I have ever smelt! There have been mixed opinions over various blog posts I have read about 'Flash' but I am just completely in love with it. Personally, I feel like this acts as an accessory to an evening outfit and has this unique, sophisticated and I suppose mature feel to the smell.

Look at the bottle! I find it so photogenic and the box is so pretty as well. I love how it is absolutely COVERED in glitter and provokes some sort of celebrity 'vibe' to the perfume.

Flash was a Christmas gift from my ever-so loved boyfriend. I have used this product almost every day since then and I've barely used about 20% of it. It seems like this perfume will last an eternity and I absolutely won't be able to handle the day it runs out....
Oh, how could I forget? The lasting power of this is INSANE. To be honest, I guess you would expect that from such a pricey brand but it is fabulously ridiculous how long it lasts for! *Little story for you here* I was wearing one of my favourite jumpers, which I had sprayed the perfume all over, and being the laziest person in the world, flung it in the corner of my room after taking it off. I couldn't find it for about 3 days and when I did, the smell of 'Flash' still remained almost as heavy as I did when I just sprayed. I'm not even lying!

This is a close up to see how long the perfume has lasted me since Christmas.
Amaaazing, right?

Without a doubt, there will be an endless love between this perfume and I. I would most definitely recommend buying it, I think it is 100% worth the price and even if you don't want to pay the full price for it, then I'm sure you can find discounts online (just make sure the product is genuine and not a fake).

                                                                     Goodbye Xx


  1. The bottle alone makes me want this!
    I don't know whether you're a fan of tags but I have nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. I know, the bottle is so pretty. Omg - thank you so much for nominating me, I have seen this tag before and wanted to be tagged for ages. I will go check it out thanks x


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