Mint Green Love...

30 April 2014

Mint Green is my favourite colour ever. If you don't know already, I have this crazy attraction and obsession to anything this colour. For instance, I will be walking around a shop and will instantly be drawn over to anything from a mint green dress, necklace, handbag or even room decoration. Seeing as the summer is approaching, almost too fast, all the pastels and bright colours are beginning to emerge again. This means that my favourite colour of all time has been stocking up in all my favourite shops and this year it is ridiculous how many clothes are this colour - not too good for me considering I want to buy them all!

Anyway, in this post I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite mint green possessions and some mint green items I wish to own in the future.
Here goes...

Above are my three favourite mint green nail polishes. I have this strange want for collecting a mint green nail polish in every single brand. The middle shade is Essie's very popular 'Mint Candy Apple', which is a true pastel mint green. On the right is a Topshop nail polish in 'Pipe Dream' - there are tiny silver sparkles in this which makes it look super pretty on the nails! Finally, on the left is a YesLove nail polish in the number '364'. This shade is a gorgeous metallic mint green and my mum bought it for me when she went to France. I have 5 other colours and these nail polishes are amazing - they are so opaque and I really want to know where they came from so I can buy some more! 

Next is this gorgeous green Barry M kohl pencil in the number '13'. I absolutely love the colour outcome, which is beautifully shown in the swatch. I wrote about this eyeliner in my Spring Essentials post
 (click here to read it). 

I love pairing a bow with a summer dress. I think they make an outfit look really girly and pretty. I love this mint green bow and usually, I wear it at the front of a messy bun. I bought this is Newlook last year but I'm not sure if they sell them anymore. 

    Moneyboxes are a must-have. I fail miserably when it comes to saving money, so hopefully I will start saving successfully now I have this cute cupcake moneybox. I won this whilst on holiday in Autumn last year, and I will be making sure to use it, as I have only remembered about this recently. 
Oh, and the photo frame I just couldn't leave in the shop. It is incredibly cute and the colour is so beautiful. It is like a softer mint green and thought it would look so good it my room once it is finally decorated. I bought this when I was on holiday and talked about it in a haul (you can read this here)

I love my new mint green dress. My nan ever-so kindly bought it for me and I believe was from Select. Select have a really good stock at the minute and you should definitely check out their summer clothes/collection. Also, I even managed to get away with wearing mint green during the winter. I paired this mint and black sheer collared shirt (also from select) with a white hollister jumper over the top. If you follow my instagram, you may be familiar with this photo as I posted this quite a few weeks back. 

I really hope you liked this different styled post. I love how sweet some of your comments are and would love it if you could recommend blog posts that you want to see from me in the future. Hope you are all well and will see you in my next post. 

Goodbye Xx

Flash Jimmy Choo | Review

26 April 2014

I am ever so sorry for not posting since last Sunday, or was it the last one? OOPS! I have been so busy during the past week and I couldn't quite find any time to write a post. However, I'm back again and hopefully going to keep up with this and post at least twice a week - at least!

The fragrance I am about to talk about today is my holy-grail perfume/scent. It wins hands down, against any other scent that I have ever smelt! There have been mixed opinions over various blog posts I have read about 'Flash' but I am just completely in love with it. Personally, I feel like this acts as an accessory to an evening outfit and has this unique, sophisticated and I suppose mature feel to the smell.

Look at the bottle! I find it so photogenic and the box is so pretty as well. I love how it is absolutely COVERED in glitter and provokes some sort of celebrity 'vibe' to the perfume.

Flash was a Christmas gift from my ever-so loved boyfriend. I have used this product almost every day since then and I've barely used about 20% of it. It seems like this perfume will last an eternity and I absolutely won't be able to handle the day it runs out....
Oh, how could I forget? The lasting power of this is INSANE. To be honest, I guess you would expect that from such a pricey brand but it is fabulously ridiculous how long it lasts for! *Little story for you here* I was wearing one of my favourite jumpers, which I had sprayed the perfume all over, and being the laziest person in the world, flung it in the corner of my room after taking it off. I couldn't find it for about 3 days and when I did, the smell of 'Flash' still remained almost as heavy as I did when I just sprayed. I'm not even lying!

This is a close up to see how long the perfume has lasted me since Christmas.
Amaaazing, right?

Without a doubt, there will be an endless love between this perfume and I. I would most definitely recommend buying it, I think it is 100% worth the price and even if you don't want to pay the full price for it, then I'm sure you can find discounts online (just make sure the product is genuine and not a fake).

                                                                     Goodbye Xx

Holiday Haul

13 April 2014

Firstly, I want to apologise for not posting last Sunday, as that was my last oppurtunity to post before I went on holiday for the week. I had an amazing time and I went with all my family and my boyfriend. We went to Hemsby - I'm not sure if anyone will be familiar with this place but it is a little place about ten minutes from Great Yarmouth, so it is by the coast. The weather was pleasant most of the time, enabling us to have quite a lot of days out by the beach, going shopping or just going for a walk. I spent a little bit of money on some items in Hemsby, Yarmouth and Wroxham (a little village not far from where we were staying). Anyway, I'm going to crack on with this post as it may take a while...

All the items I purchased!!!

 The first two products I thought I would speak about are the two makeup items I bought when we went to a village called Wroxham. This little village was so so pretty and all the shops were really cute. You could have a ride on a steam train, have a ride on a boat down the cute little river, have a look in all the shops or go to a farm. We didn't quite manage to get the timings right for a steam train or boat ride but we managed to shop quite a bit AND visit the farm.
The shop I spent the majority of my time in was ROYS. This was a fairly big department store and I loved looking around it all. There was a beauty section with drugstore brands, highend fragrances and lots of random products in baskets. I found this quite strange so my boyfriend and I had a look and basically, the baskets were filled with reduced makeup products. It was AMAAAAZING and I wish I had spent more money on makeup whilst in there. However, I managed to pick up one of the ever-so talked about NYX jumbo eye pencils in the shade 'Almond' for only £2.99 and Maybelline's Pink Punch Babylips for £2.49. I was really happy because I picked these products up cheap and they weren't damaged in the slightest.

Sticking to the makeup, I also picked up two of these cutely packaged lip glosses. I got them in an arcade near where we were staying and thought they looked cute. The scents are surprisingly strong and the flavours of the pink one is 'Cherry Cream' and the orange coloured on is 'Honeydew Melon'.

Back to Wroxham, I also spent a bit of money on bath-related items. Overall, I ended up with four bath bombs and two soaps. However, only two bombs and one soap were for myself. The other soap I bought for my boyfriend's mum and the other two bombs are part of a present for my best friends birthday. The amount of unique and different scents that there were in this section of the shop was ridiculous.
In the top left, I bought this bath bomb called 'Fairy Ring Brulee' - I just want to eat it! The top right photo is three mini bath bombs that I thought all looked adorable and smelt so good. The yellow one at the top is mine and smells strongly of lemons. The other two I'm not quite sure of names but will find them out if anyone wants to know? I can't quite describe the smells either so really sorry! The bottom two photos are just a small selection of the vast amount of bombs and soaps you can choose from. My favourite part of Roys was smelling the different soaps with my boyfriend and choosing which ones were our favourites.

The left photo is the soap I bought and the other two photos are different views of the Lemon Meringue soap I bought for my boyfriend's mum.

My final two purchases in Roys was this mint green (fave colour) heart photo frame, which I think would look really good in my room once it is finally decorated and this heart straw candle jar. However, I won't be putting a candle in this, as i think it would look odd and lost in such a big jar, so I'm going to put makeup in it. I don't know what sort of things to put in it yet (maybe lipbalms?) but maybe you could give me suggestions as to what you think would look nice in there.

In Hemsby, my boyfriend and I took walks on the beach. I decided to buy a small shell box in the shape of a heart (this seems to be some sort of unintentional theme) and pick a pretty stone from the beach to put inside. I guess as some sort of memorabilia. You may think this is cringey, but I don't really care because I wanted to remember this holiday.

Finally, these photos are of items that I won from machines or saved up tickets for in the arcades. I loved this clock and thought it would look great in my bedroom against my cream wall colour. I also love disney, if you don't already know, so I traded in my tickets for this adorable princess mug. Lastly, I won two of the famous tatty teddy keyrings. I love tatty teddy bears!

To finish this awfully long and winded post, I am just going to leave a few photos below that I took whilst I was on holiday. Thank you all for reading this far if you managed it. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and look out for my next post in the next day or too...

Goodbye Xx

~ Top 3 Red Lip Products ~

3 April 2014

Today I just want to talk about my three favourite red lip products. I say lip products, rather than lipsticks, because a sneaky little Bourjois Lip Crayon has made its way into my favourites. These will probably change during the course of the next month because I love buying new things and trying different brands etc. But I just wanted to show you what reds I've been loving recently...

Here goes...

~ Kate Moss 107 ~

Just because this is an early point to this blog post, I want to say that these photos are the worst quality and I am very sorry. I took these late at night so the lighting is atrocious and please forgive me basically.
Anyway, this is probably my favourite dark red lip. It is a true, deep berry colour and I love the way it looks on my lips. I usually apply this with a thin layer of clear lip balm first, as this lipstick has the tendency to dry out on the lip. However, that's what you get with pretty much every matte lipsticks so I'm not too bothered. That is the only downfall to this product because everything else about it is just great. Oh, and the packaging is lovely and I really want to try out more of the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick range.

~Avon Chilli~

My next favourite red lipstick is this true, vivid red from Avon. I think most people under estimate Avon's makeup products but I actually think they are really good quality. I have a few more of their lipsticks and they are just as good as any others I own. This lipstick lasts all night and I love wearing this on an evening out. Red is my favourite colour to wear when going out for dinner/going to a party and this lipstick is the best for the job. Whilst obtaining this true red colour, the lasting power is excellent and stays on FOREVER. The packaging isn't too bad either and my love for this lipstick is so strong. I think I bought this for roughly £5.00, which I thought was amazing for the job it does.

~Bourjois Colour Boost - Red Sunrise ~

The fact that this is the worst photo I have ever taken makes me sad. This photo gives this product no justice and makes me extremely upset. I love love love bourjois colour boosts. They have been a favourite of pretty much anyone who has bought one and I can completely see why. I have tried almost all the colours, however this is the only one I own. It gives the prettiest sheer red colour to your lips and can be built up to create a slightly darker and less sheer tone. Red Sunrise is one of my faves because I can put it on top of any other red lipstick to give the perfect shine/gloss to it. These retail at £7.99, which really isn't too bad for bourjois products to be honest.

I thought I should add some (awful quality) swatches to give you all a rough idea on what I've been talking about. Hopefully this will give a clearer view on what I've been speaking about.

Left to right - Chilli(Avon), 107(Rimmel), Red Sunrise(Bourjois)

Thank you very much for all your support/comments/views because it means a lot to me. I am also very VERY sorry for the awful quality of this post and will promise to make my next one a million times better than this. I think I will be doing a review in my next blog post which should be up Sunday, so make sure you come back to see it!

Goodbye xx

Spring Essentials

1 April 2014

I thought I would join the crowd and make a post about Spring. This post with contain some of my colour preferences, clothing, beauty items and more that I would chose to use or wear during this season. I can't wait for the weather to become warmer like it has recently! I love spring, as I feel like it acts as a beginning and 'warm up' to prepare for Summer! we go!


During this spring, I really want to venture into trying some pastel/coloured eyeliners. I only ever use a black or a brown, and really want to try some of the colours from the first picture. I absolutely love the colours and I saw Ingrid (MissGlamorazzi - an amazing american youtuber, go check her out) make the prettiest spring look using a coloured liner in her tutorial and I am so tempted to try it and hopefully work it.
Also, beauty-wise, I love coral/bright pink blushes, especially when you can get them all in one in my fave blush palette ever by Sleek. This blush trio is called Lace and it is honestly amazing - if you haven't tried out Sleek blushes yet, you need to! Pink eyes are also really feminine and sweet to wear on the lid in Spring.
Lip products are another love of mine. I love changing my lip colours from winter to spring, as all the deep reds are replaced for bright pinks, corals and nudes. I love this coralista lipgloss from benefit!
Finally, I am honestly IN LOVE with this lip combo at the minute. Every single day, I have been wearing E.L.F's matte lip cream in the colour 'Tea Rose' (which I mentioned in my previous post, go check it out) with Mac's beautiful lovelorn over the top. This lip combination is my absolute fave and the colour it gives is just..WOW.

 Nail polish is something I have seen a lot of bloggers post about recently for Spring. Therefore, I don't really want to ramble on about these but I just wanted to say that I luuuuurve pastel colours and these are a few of my favourites at the minute. (Mint Green is the best colour - I will be doing a blog post about it this month so stay tuned!)


These next three items are not necessarily for spring but they are my recent loves and I just wanted to share them with you (hope that's okay).
Strawberry milkshake and mini eggs are the food and drink to turn for every day. I have seen many youtubers, instagrammers, bloggers etc, raving like mad about mini eggs and they have got me addicted...oops.
Despite the title of the yankee being 'SUMMER scoop' - I feel reaaaally stupid for putting it in this SPRING post. However, the smell is so sweet and fruity that I have been burning it regularly and is a lovely spring scent, as well as a summer one too.


As I said previously in this post, I adore the colour mint green. In these few random snippets my brother kindly took for me the other day, I am wearing this new crop mint green jumper. It is so cute and I paired it up with my favourite high waisted shorts. 
(I'd like to point out that I am no way happy with my figure and I am still working on it, but I am quite happy with how it looks in these photos so who cares? haha)

Daffodils look so pretty in Spring, I love having them to decorate my room; it makes it look brighter.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my spring essential/favourites. Not really sure what to call this really, I just hope that you liked it! Will be posting next on Thursday so make sure to either follow or look out for my next post. Comment what your spring favourites are and recommend what I should get to spice up my spring?

Goodbye x

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