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26 March 2014

Hello! I'm sorry for my lack of organisational skills. I was meant to think of a day to post on every week but I completely forgot (so so sorry). I hope to do at least one more post this week to make up for the large spaces between every single post I have done. Hopefully, when i get into 'the swing' of making these posts regularly, I won't have this problem of forgetting anymore.

Today, I was off school because of the teacher's strike. This was the perfect oppurtunity for me to try out lots of different and amazing new eye looks with the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I got this as a gift (from my boyfriend - he is the cutest) a few weeks ago and it is one of the most perfect presents I have ever received, honestly! Seeing as I have only recently had this palette, I thought today would be the best to trial some new neutral eye looks - for both day and night. I know I might be a tad late, as I know people have been raving about these palettes forever, so I finally decided that the number '2' was my favourite.
The packaging is so pretty.
There are 12 eyshadows in this palette; ranging from pale to deep colours and matte to sparkly shades. I only tend to wear neutral shades (brown,bronze,champagne and maybe the odd pink) and everything I would ever need for my eyes is all in this beautiful taupe tin. Today, I tried various different tutorials that I found on youtube so that I could attempt dramatic and subtle looks.
I have taken photos of swatches to show you how incredibly pigmented and gorgeous the outcome is of each shadow...

Foxy is the first shade from the left of the palette. It has a slight yellow tone to it, making it perfect for a base. I would only use this shade as a base colour though because it appears fairly yellow on my skin. Nevertheless, it makes an amazing base colour, as i found out this afternoon.
Half baked is one of my favourite colours in the palette. It is a bronze with hints of gold, leaving a shimmery finish on the lid. This also appeared in the first palette of the 'Naked' series.
Booty call is an amazing matte shade. I use it all the time on my lid for school; it is a pretty and subtle champagne colour, which is very wearable and suitable for school. It also makes a very good base colour for a more dramatic eye.
Chopper is another gorgeous bronzey-gold that gives a shimmery finish. I haven't worn this properly yet so I cannot fully judge it but I'm 100% sure I will love it!

Tease is probably my most favourite shade of them all (with YDK and Snakebite so very close). It is a beautiful muted brown, almost taupe colour, with an irrestibly matte finish. There is also a subtle purple undertone and it looks absolutely AMAZING in the crease. I just cannot describe my love for it.
Snakebite is also a very loved shade of mine. Despite the horrible name, (I fear snakes so much - I have a phobia) the colour has a metallic element to it and is compact of deep bronze shimmers.
Suspect is a light gold colour, full of glitter. I have only used this a couple of times to create a gradient effect between snakebite and bootycall and it works really well.
Pistol is the perfect mix of a brown and grey, still containing hints of shimmer. This shade looks beautiful all over the lid and I must say that it can just be worn on its own and look incredible.

 Verve is the only shade in the palette that I cannot think of how to wear. Is it a crease colour? Base? Inner corner? I am honestly clueless! If anyone uses this colour in their signature look, when they go out at night or on a daily basis, then please comment below. It is like a white/pearl shade with hints of shimmer; verve is probably the sheerest shade out of the 12.
YDK is without a doubt the prettiest looking eyeshadow of the whole palette. It instantly drew my attention as soon as I laid my eyes on it. It is another shimmery bronze but with a little more unique sense. I love wearing this on my lid with snakebite in the outer corner.
Busted is a dark brown. Personally, I can see a slight plum-ness to the colour but it might just be me. This is quite a difficult shade to wear, in my opinion, but I will definitely do all I can to prove myself wrong.
Finally, Blackout is the final shade in the palette. It's a matte black - perfect to use for lining the eyes with a small angled brush.

Unbelievably and ever-so fortunately, I received 4 samples of the different Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions. I was so happy to get this with my palette, as I also wanted to try these out too. They came in little pods that are said to last at least seven times! I have used 'SIN' and it's amazing. It has such a pretty shimmer and makes a glittery eyelid that allowed the eyeshadow to smoothly apply. Plus, you only need the tiniest amount, so I think these pods will last me a good time too. I am so excited to try the rest - they really do last 24 hours!

I hope you liked this post, I spent all day working on it. I will be doing a lot more posts like this in the future - I guess it was sort of like a review? Anyway, if anyone ends up reading this, thank you very much and please comment if you're feeling extra nice. Love you all xxx

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  1. You're amazing at describing colours!! Loved it ♥ xx

    1. aw Jess thank you so much, I'm so glad you have a blog now:-) we can be blogger buddies and help each other with them. I can't wait. Have you got any ideas for your blog? <3 xx

  2. the colours in this all look amazing! i seriously want to get it!


    1. You should definitely get it, you won't regret it;-) It is amazing and personally i think it is the best one out of the 3, especially for the colours. Thank you so much for checking out my blog, i love yours x

  3. You're definitely not the last person to have this palette as I actually don't have any of the Naked palettes at all! Who'd have thought, haha. If I had to choose one I probably would've picked the 2 as well. The shades are all so beautiful and usable whereas 3 is amazingly pretty in the pan I can't imagine I would get quite as much use out of it. Awesome choice. Looking forward to seeing some eye looks! :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. Yes i totally agree about the Naked 3. It is so so pretty but I wouldn't be able to wear the colours as much as this one. Thank you very much and I will most definitely be posting eye looks featuring this palette:-) going to check your blog out now xxx

  4. I also have this palette and I absolutely love it! I love the wide range of shades it offers compared to the 1&3 x


    1. Twins;-) i totally agree, it is amazing. My love for the palette is indescribable;-) Xxx

  5. I love how much detail you went into + your swatches were so helpful!

    1. aw thank you so much, this is really sweet:-) xxx


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