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19 January 2014

Hello everyone!

I know this post won't be very exciting and will bore you to death reading it but I just wanted to say (a very late) happy new year!

Right, so one of my New Years Resolutions is to finally start a blog, and after thinking for an eternity on what to call it, I finally made up a little name. I know it isn't the best but I'm starting to like it, I guess. I have been wanting to start blogging for ages because I love love love to write and it seems so fun.

I'm not expecting millions of people to read this post or my blog, but I really like the idea of writing about things that I love, what I've been doing recently and reviewing products. I'm obsessed with reading people's blogs and I would happily spend a whole day doing so. I may also not be incredibly great at 'blogging' but I really hope that I stick to my resolution and try to post at least once a week...

If anyone ends up reading this blog post then thank you so much ( i love you) and for any future blog posts, feel free to comment.

I hope you enjoy whatever my future blog turns out to be.

(This isn't my photo, I got it from Tumblr. Wanted to add some prettiness to this boring post)


  1. its a good habbit to write what you feel and love and i enjoyed reading your blog. keep writting and updating your blog. good luck.

  2. It becomes tough for many people to express their feelings and support in condolence message or through conversations. But i suggest you to view my blog and hope it can be easier to write down.


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