Best Smoothie Bowls in Bali

9 November 2019

Yep, that's me! The biggest white gal in the world. If you know me or watch my vlogs, you will know how obsessed I am with smoothie/acai bowls. Therefore, it was obligatory to drag my boyfriend to all the pretty places in Bali and indulge in smoothie bowls. Here are my personal top 5 places to visit in Ubud, Seminyak and Gili Air for the best smoothie bowls in Bali...


Alchemy is a wonderful brunch spot on the outskirts of central Ubud - a serene location with a beautiful interior and luxury feel. My boyfriend and I popped in here for my 21st birthday to start of the day with a deliciously healthy acai bowl each, and a smoothie too! The toppings included chopped bananas, raspberries, blueberries, granola and oats! This was honestly one of the best acai bowls I've ever eaten - the staff were super friendly, accommodating and the overall feel is very relaxing. I was to fill my house with white dream catchers and eat acai bowls everyday! 

10/10. The bowl was a little pricier than the other ones we tried throughout our time in Bali, but it was probably the best! If I had to recommend any of the five I mentioned, this is the place you want to go!

Kynd Community

The most instagrammable location for 'kynd' treats and healthy food has to be Kynd Community in Seminyak. This place is just UNREAL - the interior matches every Instagram guy/gals dream and the food is to DIE for. Not only do they make a huge effort with presentation, the staff match the fun and lively colours of the restaurant and the taste of the food does not disappoint. The personalised touches were amazing and I LOVED that they shaped 'Bali' using the melon! My favourite part of this bowl had to be the dragonfruit bowls...soooo yummy. 

9/10. Would definitely be a 10 if there were no dates in the granola but that's just my personal        preference!                      


On the quieter side of Seminyak, we spotted a beautiful little cafe called Balibola. Another great place to go for some light brunch or a healthy smoothie bowl. Again, they made a huge effort with presentation and even took me by surprise by popping in a huge sugar-y mermaid tail - my inner 12 year old screamed! This place is very pretty, aesthetically pleasing and ideal if you're looking for somewhere similar to Kynd, but with less hustle and bustle. There were only one other couple inside the cafe at the same time as us so the experience was very peaceful and we didn't feel like we had to rush or pressure to eat quickly. 

7/10. The fruit was absolutely delicious but I wasn't a fan of the oats - the homemade granola at the previously mentioned places topped these for sure!

Gili Bliss

If you ever visit Gili Air, Gili Bliss is the place to go for healthy smoothie bowls. Drizzled in coconut flakes, nuts, melon hearts, cranberry seeds and lots of wholesome goodness, this smoothie bowl makes its way to second place on my personal leaderboard. The staff are welcoming, the location is perfect (just a 2 minute walk from the harbour) and the choice of food is amazing. So many organic options, alongside all of the smoothie bowls. 

9/10 - only lost one point for the dates again, eek! Wonderful service and beautifully presented. 

Auras Bowls

Finally, Aura Bowls had to be the most authentic, adorable little place on the island. This was another place on Gili Air, and OMG were these bowls amazing. Set in a small, family-run little hut, this mini warung was the perfect spot for a Balinese smoothie bowl. The family worked so hard to provide the most incredibly tasting fruity bowls of goodness, and I'm still so grateful for their work. They went extremely overboard with the toppings too...which I'm certainly not mad about!

10/10. A wholesome smoothie bowl filled with my favourite fruits and the kindest service.

Do you love smoothie bowls as much as me? What's ya fave fruit??

Lots of love

10 Reasons I'd Return to Bali

4 November 2019

I recently returned from the trip of a lifetime to Bali, one of the beautiful islands that make up Indonesia. I've never travelled so far East and so far away from home - 24 hours of travelling later, my boyfriend and I arrived in Denpasar airport. The 16 days we spent exploring Indonesia has positively affected the way I think, feel and look at the world. Thus, I thought I'd share this lil blog post pinpointing 10 of the many reasons I'd return to Bali. It's way more than just a pretty island you see on Instagram...

Carefree Nature

One of my favourite things about visiting Bali HAS to be everyone's carefree nature. ANYTHING GOES. The people were super lovely, everything is executed so effortlessly and no-one seems to worry about the little things I always find myself thinking about when in the UK. For instance, something as small as my skin breaking out would have caused me so much distress at home but when the long flight caused a spot eruption all over my face, I seemed to adapt to the nature of the Balinese and didn't give a F*CK! Their love and anxiety-free ways were super infectious, leaving me relaxed and pleasantly mindful after returning home.


The most-asked question on my Instagram during my Bali trip was - 'how expensive is it to go?' Money seems to be the biggest query for anyone lusting to travel to Bali, and to your delight, you'll be happy to know that it is more affordable than you probably think! The flights are definitely the biggest expense - we paid roughly £700 at the beginning of September and I'm sure it reaches the £1000 mark in peak season - however, I believe if you're smart, buy tickets in advance and scope the web, you'll be able to pick up some reasonable flights along the way. Once you've saved for flights, you'll be able to head over to Bali in no time! The food, accommodation and everything in between can be done on a super low budget - many activities seem to be negotiable too on the island.


When picking a holiday destination, you always think of a specific type of place or things you're looking for - e.g. a relaxing two weeks on the beach, a fun city break sightseeing or a bit of both. THIS IS A HUGE REASON I'D RETURN TO BALI. You can have all of your favourite types of holidays rolled into one - Ubud is ideal for visiting lots of interesting temples, Seminyak is perfect for party/nightlife and the Gili islands are sensational for that relaxation holiday of dreams. Bali is, for sure, the most versatile place I've ever visited and it's one of the reasons I'd recommend it over anywhere else I've travelled in the world.

The Food

Oh MY G O D. Balinese food is to die for - I always thought that the Instagram expectations would exceed the reality but WOW. You need to go, just for the food. I didn't realise how much I love Asian food until this trip; trying so many different dishes, exploring new textures and tastes was so fun! Aside from the delicious-ness, the presentation did not disappoint. Every place we visited, from the small family-run warungs to the tourist favourites, all the staff were pleasant and presented our food in the most extraordinary way. My favourite dishes had to be Nasi Goreng and the unreal variations of chicken skewers.

Community Feel

Something I adore about travelling and experiencing different cultures is discovering the majority of collectivist communities there are. I always find that the UK has a strong individualist community and is something I dislike and feel brings about bad personal traits. I love the idea of giving to the community and helping others who live around me. In Bali, I felt extremely welcomed and adored how everyone around you would smile, help and assist you. Something I found so lovely was the amount of people on the side of the roads helping you to cross safely when the traffic was super busy. This community feel just added to our stay and positively impacted our time on the island.


Soooo this time last year I despised cof...coffe...I can't even say it. Bali grows some of the world's most incredibly tasting coffees and some amazing places surrounding Ubud offer the chance to visit their plantations, tasting what these family run businesses have to offer. I adored the Bali coffee and continued to drink it at many an opportunity throughout our trip. I'm not usually one to drink hot drinks in hot climates but Aidan and I felt like we couldn't resist! The best coffees we had were definitely at Coffee Cartel in Seminyak and B52 on Gili Air.

Consistent Weather

Yes to consistency. I love a bit of consistency in my life, especially when it comes to weather. The UK weather is soooo awful in summer in terms of consistency and you can NEVER rely on planning a sunny BBQ day with family or going for a picnic with your friends. My plans always seem to flop in England so knowing you're going to get amazingly consistent weather when you're on holiday is a DREAM. You can definitely count on Bali to stay sunny throughout your stay, if you're going September - December then you won't have to worry at all.


Being able to admire the different plants, animals and lots of species of flowers was something I thoroughly enjoyed during our time in Bali. Seeing new sights that I'm not used to is so special and I can honestly stare at sunsets and landscapes for hours. Breathing in the fresh air from the forests, watching the monkeys run around the sanctuary and getting to bathe in lots of beautifully smelling flowers on our spa day, just made me appreciate the diversity of Bali's nature. If you're a nature lover, or enjoy seeing new things, Bali is the place to go.

Location of Island 

If you are a keen traveller, the location of Bali is ideal when hopping from one country to the next. In the near future, I'm hoping to go travelling all down the East of Asia, meaning heading back to Bali is definitely on the cards. A lot of travellers or people in Bali that we met or overheard were talking about how they'd just come from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc etc. I was super jealous of all of their travelling stories and couldn't stop thinking about the perfect location of the island. I'd also love to explore more of the Indonesian islands too.


Something I loved when travelling through Bali had to be the extreme care and passion when it came it sustainability. Most of the island seem to have gotten on board with reducing unnecessary plastic packaging, plastic straws, using sustainable resources when cooking and mainly using ethically sourced foods. It was so lovely being surrounded by people who wanted to spread awareness of the current stress on the environment and the negative impact human's are contributing to the atmosphere. I'm not saying Bali are 100% sustainable, as the amount of fumes from the mopeds/motorbikes is definitely not ideal, but they've made a huge effort to cut down on plastic usage and using locally sourced goods.

To check out my Bali food recommendations, the best hotels, things to do + the cost of travelling, check out my ULTIMATE BALI GUIDE VIDEO!!

Don't forget to check out my Bali vlogs too - here is my BALI PLAYLIST.

Have you ever visited Bali? What was your favourite part? Is it on your travel bucket list?

Lots of love

Uni Outfit Ideas - Day to Night*

21 October 2019

One of the things I like to pride myself on whilst at uni is my outfit choices. Over the last three years at university, I think I've finally figured out my style; now I find myself opting for clothes that make me feel good about myself and accentuate my figure! You can check out all of my current fashion faves and styling posts on my Instagram - @charlotteemilyprice - but I thought I'd share a few casual to evening outfits that I've been loving at the minute. All these amazing clothes were kindly gifted by the wonderful people at Femme Luxe; however, all opinions are honest and my own. I absolutely adore the Femme Luxe website and find the best deals on there...if you're looking for a bargain and need some new night out clothes, Femme Luxe is the site to visit!

Casual clothes are a MUST at uni. I find myself reaching for cosy knits and turtle necks, especially during the current season. I adore this grey turtle neck ribbed piece from Femme Luxe loungewear range - so many beautiful sets that are affordable and great for everyday wear. You can also style them up or down with other pieces from your wardrobe like I've done about - this day I decided to pair the turtle neck top with an oversized knit cardi and some jeans for a smart-casual look. 

Bodysuits are my saviour when going for a cocktail night or day drinks with my house mates. Although the practicality of going to the toilet with a bodysuit is quite challenging (am I right ladies?), they are so effortlessly pretty and always help to dress up a simple pair of jeans. I went for quite a bold statement with this beautiful white frilled number from Femme Luxe - white mesh frills from the shoulders and along the sleeves. I really like how the neckline slopes into a deep V too. A classic but bold bodysuit that looks perfect for a glam night with your pals. 

Another bodysuit I've been obsessed with and wore it all summer long is this mesh panel cut out piece; paired with your fave shorts, jeans or a little skirt, and you're good to go. I can't even imagine how many times I'm going to wear this throughout my last year of university. As it's white, you can literally pair it with anything and the material is super soft. I'm also a huge fan of the halter neck style and the drape-y material across the chest - I find it super flattering and adds an extra sexiness to the outfit. 

Soooo I've decided to leave this showstopper for last - if you've got a fancy event, winter ball or you're just feeling the glitter vibes then you have to grab this dress from Femme Luxe. A gorgeous purple-grey glitter dress that sparkles endlessly under the lights - I literally cannot deal with how stunning it is! The thin straps are such a gorgeous touch and the material isn't irritating as expected. The bodycon style is very accentuating, fitting perfectly against all of my fave features. I cannot wait to get this out for a fancy event or a glitter party, and for £15 you cannot go wrong! Someone invite me already?!

Which was your fave university outfit? Are you more of a clubbing girl or would you rather keep it casual?

Lots of love

*clothing gifted by Femme Luxe but all opinions are honest + my own*

Thomas Sabo X Peter Jackson Goodie Bag*

20 October 2019

Jewellery has quickly become one of my favourite things when it comes to fashion - styling a pair of chunky golden hoops for a 1960s vibe or some soft and subtle silver studs to compliment a date night outfit. I love how jewellery can vastly change the vibe of an outfit and how you can mix/match your favourite pieces to your heart's content. Therefore, as soon as the wonderful people at Peter Jackson got in contact - I couldn't wait to share this stunning jewellery goodie bag with you all.

Charm Bracelet

Inside this beautiful Thomas Sabo Charm Club Generation tote style bag, I noticed two little boxes. I'd received two incredible exclusive gifts from Thomas Sabo! I've always admired the Thomas Sabo jewellery range and the complete uniqueness of the brand - I love finding pieces that are super different to anything I've seen in store and online. Thus, I adored this beautifully special paper clip style charm bracelet - I've never seen a charm bracelet in this style so I'm super excited to start collecting some Thomas Sabo charms and personalising it. 

Mix + Match Earrings

I think one of my favourite things from this goodie bag has to be these mixed Thomas Sabo studs. Glistening silver moon and star studs are my new favourite go-to when it comes to adding that extra WOW to an outfit. Studs are super subtle but the perfect addition to style up your casual jeans and tee. I love having two different studs - such a cool idea that I never really thought of trying before! I'll be wearing these all A/W long. I can't wait to browse the Peter Jackson website more to find some others (as well as all the bracelet charms I'm going to fall in love with!).

Peter Jackson Extras

If those exclusive goodies enough, Peter Jackson added that special touch by including a couple of pens - you can never have too many pens, especially as a hard-working undergraduate gal. The Peter Jackson branded torch keyring will also come in super handy when it comes to late winter nights too. I'd highly recommend looking at the Peter Jackson jewellery site for top quality brands - they have such a huge variety of jewellery, watches, accessories, perfect for the upcoming gifting season as well. Let me know what your fave pieces from the website are in the comments!

What are your current favourite jewellery trends? What is your fave style of jewellery?

Lots of love

*The products in this post were kindly gifted by Thomas Sabo; however, all opinions are honest and my own*


18 October 2019

If you know me well, you'll know my love for skincare and finding new products to help my skin survive through the seasons. I'm prone to extremely dry skin and dullness, especially during this time of year. To bring the life back into my skin, I'm always looking for serums, moisturisers and creams to help my complexion recover. Dermaworks have released a Hyaluronic Acid Serum that will give you that beautiful effortless glow, as well as all the benefits the products inside obtain. Here are some of the reasons I've popped this Dermaworks dream into my everyday skincare routine...

Dermaworks Hyaluronic Acid Serum works an absolute dream on my skin; however, the main benefits of the serum are long-term and impactful. I've been using the serum for the last 3 weeks and have noticed a natural radiance, and plumpness, to my skin. The acid component of the serum helps to retain moisture in skin cells - something my skin really lacks is moisture! Now that I'm 21, the ageing process begins so I love finding products like this that will help retain my natural moisture in my skin. The Hyaluronic acid aids the anti-ageing process and prevents dullness and wrinkling for a longer time period. The botanical extracts and vitamins in the serum are 'a powerful blend' - these ingredients work at improving your skin tone and texture, as well as protecting your skin from UV rays and pollution. I'm just super happy with how my skin is progressing using this serum and think it's going to stick around in my routine for a long time! Something that's also amazing is that the formulation is 100% vegan and completely cruelty free; no parabens and sulphates have been used in creating this wonderful little serum!

If you're wanting to try this out for yourselves, don't hesitate to use my discount code CHARLOTTE10 for 10% off this amazing skincare wonder. I'll also be sharing a skincare routine at the end of the month using the product so you can see it working in action. 

What is your favourite serum? Do you need to add anti-ageing products into your routine?

Lots of love

*This product was gifted by Dermaworks; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Affordable University Homeware + Stationery | WILKO*

20 September 2019

Have you just moved to university and struggling to find affordable homeware? Do you need to pick up some last minute stationery for college or the new course you're starting? This blog post will be right up your street. I've teamed up with wilko to showcase some of the amazing products they have  this September - from room decor to library essentials, wilko has you covered!

Sticking to a £50 budget, I managed to pick out 15 items to update my uni room, as well as set me up with the right tools to smash my final year (wish me luck aaah). If you're already a student, you will already be familiar with the wilko run in your first week back; however, did you realise they have an entire 'Students Essentials' section online, making it easy to pick up the necessities and cross them all off your list. So if you're looking for some bedroom decor inspiration or need to find the perfect storage (a must for cramped student accommodation) there is everything you need in the Back to Uni section. 

Here are the things I picked up...


Copper Lamp - £12.50 - Staying in the same house for my last year recalls for a revamp of my bedroom! This lamp was an absolute steal and looks extremely luxurious - great for late nights and pimping my crib. 

Reversible Duvet Set - £12 - You can't go wrong with a reversible duvet set, I've opted for a more minimal vibe to my uni room this year, and I love that this is reversible from a lovely muted stone colour and white. Exactly what I was looking for, for a bargain price.

Throw - £5 - Without a doubt my number one essential at uni during autumn and winter. Cosy nights in are my fave, and this throw will match my new room theme perfectly!

Wastepaper Bin - £2.50 - I challenge you to find a student that doesn't own a bin from wilko! This year I've opted for a cute cream woven bin to pop in the corner of my bedroom. 

Storage Box - £2.50 - A basic but one of the most important things for uni life. Organisation is always good to keep a clear mind during stressful periods like deadline season. 

Multisocket - £1.20 - Something I feel most students forget is a multisocket or extension cable. It's quite common to only have a single plug socket in your student room so it's an absolute must!


I picked out a soup bowl, side plate and egg cup from the Student Kitchen essentials area on the site - these were all from the cream speckled range. £5 for all three of these is great value for money compared to all the other brands on the market. The print is so cute and I'm an absolute freak for matching sets! 


Clear Bin - £2 - After my dad decided to throw out my old bathroom bin, I decided it was time to pick up a new one! Most student halls don't provide a bathroom bin so again, this is an absolute essential for your uni packing list!


Black Folder (£1.75) & Punch Pockets (£1.25) - £3 for an organised student life! Without fail, I'll always pick up these pieces before starting my lectures. I cannot wait to fill this folder with all of my third year notes and organise all of my exciting new modules. 

Stabilo Fineliners - £2.50 - Currently in the sale!! 10 pretty colours to make revision and note taking fun. For a kinaesthetic learner, like myself, using colours always helps me remember key info for exams so these are always my go-to for exam season. 

Flash cards - 75p - If you're a fan of my university vlogs, you will know I pick these up each year to help me smash exams. 75p for 100 cards is an absolute bargain too!

A4 Notepad - £1 - I always need a physical copy of my lecture notes so these £1 notepads never go amiss when jotting down all the essential info. 

I hope you all have a wonderful year at university and pick up all of the essentials you need. A huge thank you to wilko for providing me with all of my daily needs to conquer my final year at the University of Lincoln. 

What is something you've bought for university this year that you absolutely love? Do you shop at wilko for all of the essentials like me?

Lots of love

*This post is sponsored by wilko; however, all opinions are honest + my own*

Summer Style for Under £20!

28 August 2019

Summer 2019 has been an absolute dream - I've been able to travel to so many countries, spend time with my loved ones and attend lots of exciting events. Although I've been super busy and had no time to relax, I've been making a lot of effort to 'UP' my summer wardrobe game. Femme Luxe have kindly gifted me some gorgeous pieces that have done just the trick - dreamy satin numbers, gorgeous summer evening attire and a vinyl showstopper. Here are my favourite picks from the Femme Luxe site and why they've helped transform my summer wardrobe: 

Silky Satin Playsuits

WOW. I am IN LOVE with this beautiful, elegant patterened playsuit. The stunning rose pink base topped with unique chain and animal print give the item a luxurious touch. Silky to the touch, this playsuit is super comfortable, affordable and makes me feel like I'm about to walk the red carpet. The material belt can be tied around the waist to provide a figure-hugging look or alternatively, I've used it in my hair to create the perfect matching accessory. If you're looking for an evening outfit, Femme Luxe has you covered for these humid summer nights.

ONLY £19.99

Baggy T-shirt Dresses

Summer in the UK is unpredictable. Therefore, having a few long sleeved t-shirt dresses is a must in my wardrobe. To combat the windy weather, I opted for this comfortable yet chic black tee with a quirky graphic on the front. Pairing the red lips of the graphic to my red TKmaxx bag pulled the outfit together, making it look effortless. A sassy pair of half lens sunnies and some heeled boots made me feel like I could conquer the world. My top tip when wearing a t-shirt dress is to wear heeled boots - they always elongate my legs and enhance my toned calves woo!

ONLY £4.99

Red Vinyl Corset

Vinyl is not a material I usually opt for, especially during the warmer months. However, this piece stood out to me on the Femme Luxe website as I thought it would be perfect for clubbing nights and to take back to university with me. I didn't realise how pretty it would also look during the day paired with a simple pair of blue mom jeans too. Just pop on a blazer and you can easily pull off the 'smart-casual' look...something I never thought I could do in a red vinyl corset top??! The inner layer of the item also has a comfortable feel and prevents the material from sticking uncomfortably to your skin. This is a must-have in your summer wardrobe as the versatility really exceeds your expectations.

ONLY £11.99


Lilac and satin have been my number one go-to's this summer. I love the tone of lilac against my balayaged locks and paired with some white trousers, this top is my absolute dream. I couldn't stop wearing this satin milkmaid top on holiday - a dreamy fit due to the ruched waist and paired with the balloon sleeves and gorgeous neckline, I AM OBSESSED! This is another piece that I feel is very versatile - you could make the perfect evening and day time look with this top...I just wish they did it in every colour. 

ONLY £9.99

What is your favourite summer clothing piece of 2019? Do you like any of my picks above?

Lots of love

*The items above were kindly gifted; however, all opinions are honest + my own*

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