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20 September 2019

Have you just moved to university and struggling to find affordable homeware? Do you need to pick up some last minute stationery for college or the new course you're starting? This blog post will be right up your street. I've teamed up with wilko to showcase some of the amazing products they have  this September - from room decor to library essentials, wilko has you covered!

Sticking to a £50 budget, I managed to pick out 15 items to update my uni room, as well as set me up with the right tools to smash my final year (wish me luck aaah). If you're already a student, you will already be familiar with the wilko run in your first week back; however, did you realise they have an entire 'Students Essentials' section online, making it easy to pick up the necessities and cross them all off your list. So if you're looking for some bedroom decor inspiration or need to find the perfect storage (a must for cramped student accommodation) there is everything you need in the Back to Uni section. 

Here are the things I picked up...


Copper Lamp - £12.50 - Staying in the same house for my last year recalls for a revamp of my bedroom! This lamp was an absolute steal and looks extremely luxurious - great for late nights and pimping my crib. 

Reversible Duvet Set - £12 - You can't go wrong with a reversible duvet set, I've opted for a more minimal vibe to my uni room this year, and I love that this is reversible from a lovely muted stone colour and white. Exactly what I was looking for, for a bargain price.

Throw - £5 - Without a doubt my number one essential at uni during autumn and winter. Cosy nights in are my fave, and this throw will match my new room theme perfectly!

Wastepaper Bin - £2.50 - I challenge you to find a student that doesn't own a bin from wilko! This year I've opted for a cute cream woven bin to pop in the corner of my bedroom. 

Storage Box - £2.50 - A basic but one of the most important things for uni life. Organisation is always good to keep a clear mind during stressful periods like deadline season. 

Multisocket - £1.20 - Something I feel most students forget is a multisocket or extension cable. It's quite common to only have a single plug socket in your student room so it's an absolute must!


I picked out a soup bowl, side plate and egg cup from the Student Kitchen essentials area on the site - these were all from the cream speckled range. £5 for all three of these is great value for money compared to all the other brands on the market. The print is so cute and I'm an absolute freak for matching sets! 


Clear Bin - £2 - After my dad decided to throw out my old bathroom bin, I decided it was time to pick up a new one! Most student halls don't provide a bathroom bin so again, this is an absolute essential for your uni packing list!


Black Folder (£1.75) & Punch Pockets (£1.25) - £3 for an organised student life! Without fail, I'll always pick up these pieces before starting my lectures. I cannot wait to fill this folder with all of my third year notes and organise all of my exciting new modules. 

Stabilo Fineliners - £2.50 - Currently in the sale!! 10 pretty colours to make revision and note taking fun. For a kinaesthetic learner, like myself, using colours always helps me remember key info for exams so these are always my go-to for exam season. 

Flash cards - 75p - If you're a fan of my university vlogs, you will know I pick these up each year to help me smash exams. 75p for 100 cards is an absolute bargain too!

A4 Notepad - £1 - I always need a physical copy of my lecture notes so these £1 notepads never go amiss when jotting down all the essential info. 

I hope you all have a wonderful year at university and pick up all of the essentials you need. A huge thank you to wilko for providing me with all of my daily needs to conquer my final year at the University of Lincoln. 

What is something you've bought for university this year that you absolutely love? Do you shop at wilko for all of the essentials like me?

Lots of love

*This post is sponsored by wilko; however, all opinions are honest + my own*

Summer Style for Under £20!

28 August 2019

Summer 2019 has been an absolute dream - I've been able to travel to so many countries, spend time with my loved ones and attend lots of exciting events. Although I've been super busy and had no time to relax, I've been making a lot of effort to 'UP' my summer wardrobe game. Femme Luxe have kindly gifted me some gorgeous pieces that have done just the trick - dreamy satin numbers, gorgeous summer evening attire and a vinyl showstopper. Here are my favourite picks from the Femme Luxe site and why they've helped transform my summer wardrobe: 

Silky Satin Playsuits

WOW. I am IN LOVE with this beautiful, elegant patterened playsuit. The stunning rose pink base topped with unique chain and animal print give the item a luxurious touch. Silky to the touch, this playsuit is super comfortable, affordable and makes me feel like I'm about to walk the red carpet. The material belt can be tied around the waist to provide a figure-hugging look or alternatively, I've used it in my hair to create the perfect matching accessory. If you're looking for an evening outfit, Femme Luxe has you covered for these humid summer nights.

ONLY £19.99

Baggy T-shirt Dresses

Summer in the UK is unpredictable. Therefore, having a few long sleeved t-shirt dresses is a must in my wardrobe. To combat the windy weather, I opted for this comfortable yet chic black tee with a quirky graphic on the front. Pairing the red lips of the graphic to my red TKmaxx bag pulled the outfit together, making it look effortless. A sassy pair of half lens sunnies and some heeled boots made me feel like I could conquer the world. My top tip when wearing a t-shirt dress is to wear heeled boots - they always elongate my legs and enhance my toned calves woo!

ONLY £4.99

Red Vinyl Corset

Vinyl is not a material I usually opt for, especially during the warmer months. However, this piece stood out to me on the Femme Luxe website as I thought it would be perfect for clubbing nights and to take back to university with me. I didn't realise how pretty it would also look during the day paired with a simple pair of blue mom jeans too. Just pop on a blazer and you can easily pull off the 'smart-casual' look...something I never thought I could do in a red vinyl corset top??! The inner layer of the item also has a comfortable feel and prevents the material from sticking uncomfortably to your skin. This is a must-have in your summer wardrobe as the versatility really exceeds your expectations.

ONLY £11.99


Lilac and satin have been my number one go-to's this summer. I love the tone of lilac against my balayaged locks and paired with some white trousers, this top is my absolute dream. I couldn't stop wearing this satin milkmaid top on holiday - a dreamy fit due to the ruched waist and paired with the balloon sleeves and gorgeous neckline, I AM OBSESSED! This is another piece that I feel is very versatile - you could make the perfect evening and day time look with this top...I just wish they did it in every colour. 

ONLY £9.99

What is your favourite summer clothing piece of 2019? Do you like any of my picks above?

Lots of love

*The items above were kindly gifted; however, all opinions are honest + my own*

Easy Ways to Convert To An Eco-Friendly Work Space

26 August 2019

Long time, no blog post. If you've been following my socials, you will be aware that I've been jetting off to several countries all around the world! Thus, I've been so unbelievably busy, jet-lagged and overall run down that I've neglected my little online space. Blog, I've missed you.

Anyway, I've jumped into bed with my laptop today to tell you all about some amazing changes you can incorporate into your life, especially in your work space, to help you become more eco friendly. I can tell you that I'm NOT a saint and everything I own ISN'T made out of biodegradable materials; however, I'm trying my upmost best to convert all of my daily essentials into items that are 1000x better for our gorgeous environment. 

My top 'green' conversions this year have been swapping my plastic toothbrush for a bamboo alternative (these are a lot more durable and are able to biodegrade once useless), stopping my use of cotton pads/face wipes for re-useable microfibre cloths/cotton pads (wipes are awful for your skin and even worse for the environment) and finally, my boyfriend has bought me a perfectly-sized re-usable cup to prevent my coffee craze from ruining the planet with endless plastic cups. After doing lots of research and some help from the amazing team at SEAREACH, I've been informed on so many ways to make your home/work offices a healthier, green place. 

Something that significantly caught my eye from SeaReach's article was that there are 10 easy ways in order to 'greenify' your workspace. My favourites include: going paperless by moving all work to a digital format, installing more LED lights to save 75% energy in comparison to halogen bulbs, providing bicycle facilities to encourage employees to cycle to work instead of pumping fuel into the atmosphere and making an effort to stick RECYCLING label on bins to enforce the need to recycle goods.

The most important point that members of Sea Reach have noted from their survey are the fact that 20% of offices involved agreed that 'going paperless' has managed to improve their workspace and ethic, as well as being an advantage to the environment. The more digital our offices become, the less unnecessary waste will end up at landfill sites and the better security we receive by storing our work online. Make sure to read the full article at SeaReach to figure out many other ways on how to improve your workspace. 

What have you done to help the environment in 2019?

Lots of love

*This is a collaborative post*

The Ultimate Summer Lip Combo (ft. GIVEAWAY!!)

27 June 2019

WAHOOO summer is finally here in the UK - the sun is out and it's more humid than ever. It definitely feels so refreshing now that the weather has brightened up, in turn making everyone leave their houses and putting a smile on their faces. It's so lovely seeing how wonderfully happy the weather can make everyone - including myself!

For me, summer is all about glowy skin, floaty fashion and pure relaxation. Now that I've booked my summer trips, it's time to start planning and deciding what I'll need to bring to keep me feeling revitalised and confident. One of the main things I love to bring on holiday with me is a gloss - I think they give a gorgeous fresh look paired with my face of makeup and I adore how when the sun hits it, making my lips look extra glossy. Each year I go on the hunt for the perfect gloss so I've been testing this new incredible combo that was kindly gifted by Code Beautiful. A simple pink lip liner paired with the ultimate plumping gloss - your lips look fuller and ready for an evening of cocktails in no time. Stay tuned to hear my thoughts on these two summer-perfect products (*hint* there may also be a giveaway at the end of the post too...).


As you can see from the photos, this gloss/liner combo is dreamy. The deep rich pink colour complimented by a glossy finish is the most divine summer lip duo. In terms of the products, the liner applies extremely smoothly - no uneven edges, extremely pigmented and feels super comfortable on the lips. I personally like to outline my lips and then add a bit of colour into the corners of my mouth to create an 'ombre' effect. I then popped the gloss all over my lips - at first, I was a bit shocked by the colour of the plumping gloss as it appears a vibrant orange/red. However, the gloss applies almost transparent, with a little hint of pink to add that extra burst of colour to the liner. These products compliment each other well, in my opinion, and make for such an easy travel accessory. Packaging is super compact, sleek and luxury looking - the black casing and colourful text is such a simple, yet effective, design and I LOVE IT! 


If you want to be in with a chance of winning your own perfect lip duo, fill out the form below. Good luck!

Win The Fabulous Lip Duo From Code Beautiful #8

What are you fave summer beauty trends? Do you love gloss as much as me?

Lots of love

These products were gifted; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

The Best of Birmingham

31 May 2019

One of my favourite cities in the UK has to be Birmingham - there is so much to do that the hours fly by and before you know it, it's time to head home. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my top places to visit if you're looking to stay in Birmingham for a weekend or want to know the best places to explore if you're there just for a day. There are plenty of hotels in Birmingham, and close to the city centre too; so if you want to stay the weekend then you can really enjoy experiencing the eclectic styles of bars or simply spend that extra day to shop till you drop!

Here are my top 5 things to do, play or visit whilst you're in Birmingham city: 


If you weren't aware, Birmingham is the host city for the world's largest EVER Primark store. With 5 floors, cafes and a beauty salon, you could spend hours shopping away and indulging in the delicious foods available. Personally, I'd recommend heading to the shop early if you're going on a weekend or weekday because you tend to avoid the rush of people. My highlights about visiting this Primark definitely have to be 6 racks of sunglasses - sooooo many amazing styles to choose from and for such an affordable price - as well as the aesthetically pleasing Disney cafe. Unfortunately, we didn't get to eat due to a crazy half term week queue but we admired the food from afar. I need to get my hands on some Mickey Mouse pancakes next time!


I absolutely adore going to the Bullring for shopping - especially during Christmas time. The atmosphere is always buzzing, the shops are amazing and there are so many lovely restaurants all a short walk away from each other. Myself and my cousin decided to head to Pizza Express during our recent trip because there were some new amazing meals on the menu. This honeycomb cheesecake was a WINNER - super creamy and delicious, served with your choice of ice cream. I'd highly recommend if you're a cheesecake lover like myself! From Italian to Mexican, fast food options to a healthy juice bar, there are so many options inside and surrounding the Bullring if you're feeling a little peckish. 


Situated in an industrial estate about a 10 minute walk from the Bullring, Ghetto Golf is a cool place to go for some fun with your mates/family/partner. This is definitely my new favourite thing to do in Birmingham - I was extremely impressed with my experience thanks to the amazing staff, unique holes and of course, the COCKTAILS!! Not only is the location and graffiti artwork incredible, the holes were hilarious and innovative. An experience unlike any that I've had before - you have to go there at some point in your life. Combined with a couple of deliciously tasting cocktails (Lethal Drizzle was my fave) and great company, this would make the perfect night out with your mates or your partner. 


Looking for the most Instagrammable location in Birmingham? Tattu is the place for you. A gorgeous cocktail bar and restaurant that oozes beauty, elegance and tonnes of blossom. A romantic atmosphere partnered with class and plenty of gin, this would make for the most incredible date location. The interior design is stunning, the menu is diverse and it's located under 10 minute walk from the Birmingham Bullring/Grand central. If you're up for cocktails with a pretty view, Tattu is the one for you. 


One of Birmingham's newest additions to the amazing list of things to do and see in the area is the brand new Kitty cafe. An adorable place for you to chill, drink hot drinks and relax with a bunch of furry animals - this is what we've all wanted in life, right? I feel like the kitty cafe has answered our prayers and created a place where people can completely detox from social media and enjoy the company of furry animals. I love this idea so much and it will definitely attract cat fanatics to the area. 

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery can be visited for no charge at all. From history to current affairs, this museum/gallery hosts a range of exhibitions that will entice passionate individuals from all around the country. They are currently holding an amazing exhibition about body image and how our perception on body image has been curated through different mediums over time. This really intrigued me as I have a strong passion for body confidence and positivity. However, if you're into history knowledge or want to take your kids for a fun, intellectual day out, there are exhibitions that are fitting for everyone. 

Let me know what your favourite things to do in Birmingham are. Make sure to check out the vlog from my recent day out in Birmingham. 

Have you been to any of these places before? Do you have any recommendations for my next visit?

Lots of love

This post is in collaboration with; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Lost City Adventure Golf + Tiki Bar | Nottingham

20 May 2019

In the midst of exam revision and stress, my best friend Carrie (from the blog Carried Away) kindly invited me to join her in Nottingham for a fun event. We got to venture to Lost City Adventure Golf, located in The Cornerhouse, and tasted their amazing new summer cocktail menu at their incredibly decorated Tiki Bar. To celebrate the beginning to the fruity tasting, thirst quenching menu, Carrie and I popped on some leis and Barcadi shades to make the most of the props provided during the evening. I thought this post would be lovely to share with you guys as it is an amazing way to spend a night out with your friends, family or even for a date. There are two available golf courses and partnered with the Tiki Bar, you can have a pleasant evening getting lost in the jungle atmosphere and stunning theatrics.

If you want to watch my video from the evening...CLICK HERE!

Greeted by the kindest staff and tropical interior decor, Carrie and I made ourselves and home, then started to analyse the new summer cocktail menu. There is an option there for anyone's taste buds - different spirits, flavours and aesthetics for everyone! I opted for the Sapphire Martini consisting of blue curacao, lychee liquer, vanilla vodka, lemon, vanilla syrup and apple juice and the Violet Ark - described as 'a refreshing blend of violet gin, archers, bacardi, eristoff and cointrea shaken together with violet syrup and lemon juice'. I was seriously impressed with the portion size, aesthetics and tasty-ness of both cocktails that I tried; I also had a sip of Carrie's which were equally as yummy. If you fancy trying the cocktails, you could head down on an evening from Monday through until Thursday between 4:30-6:30pm to enjoy 2-4-1. 

A few cocktails later, we were kindly gifted a round of the adventure golf - we chose to play the TEMPLE TRAIL course and it was 18 holes of great fun! Carrie and I laughed as we made our way around the course - I didn't manage to get any photos or much footage of the golf course as the lighting is very dark in there; however, I can tell you that it's unlike any golf course I've done before. I'd like to think I'm a mini/adventure golf connoisseur - my family and I are competitive fans of it whenever we go away on holiday - so to say this was completely different to anything I've participated in before is fab! The course was super interactive - lots of cool projectors, noises and moving objects made the game extra fun and unique! It's only £8.00 to enjoy one of the 18 hole courses and an extra £5 if you fancy taking them both on. I think it's a great deal and such a fun day out for the family, you and a date or a group of friends.

Make sure you're following myself and Carrie on Instagram as we will be taking over the Lost City Adventure Golf story in the coming weeks. WOO! I cannot wait to return for some more golf and I'm sure we'll let you know our opinions of the SACRED SKULL course...we may even be able to test out the rest of the summer cocktails if we have time!

Would you like to head to the Tiki Bar in Nottingham this summer? Do you love adventure golf as much as I do?

Lots of love


This experience was gifted; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Warner Bros Studios | Is The Harry Potter Tour Experience Worth It?!

14 May 2019

At the beginning of 2019, I ticked off one of the top things from my bucketlist - to visit the Warner Bros Studios and experience a Harry Potter tour in the UK. I've been lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter World in Universal, Orlando; however, I really wanted to visit the Warner Brother Studios in Watford because it holds some of the most amazing sculptures, costumes and more from the films. Growing up, the Harry Potter books and films were a huge part of my childhood - I was maybe too obsessed, collecting all of the merchandise, roaming the streets with a broom and wand and finally, owning a bloody cauldron?! Seriously. I was a little obsessed kid when it came to Harry Potter so I become very nerdy whenever I attend something wizarding-world related!

Anyway, myself and my best friend, Hattie, booked tickets for early January to treat ourselves after the Christmas exams. We were extremely excited and were fortunate enough to experience Hogwarts in the SNOW!! We had no idea until we reached the venue, best surprise ever! I thought I'd write a little review of my time there - telling you all whether I'd recommend spending your hard-earned money on this tour or whether to just stick to binging the films on a Sunday afternoon.

If you don't want any spoilers of your trip, I'd suggest skipping this post until after your visit because I will probably talk in detail about all my favourite elements of the Studios. Before starting the tour, we were given a little talk by one of the amazing staff members, seated as if we were about to watch one of the movies ourselves. After a few minutes, the screen unveiled the incredible Great Hall door - the theatrics were amazing and I was so excited to walk through the doors. I was literally such a little nerd smiling away to all of the intricate details - the Christmas touches were an extra bonus too! The food on the tables included Christmas puddings and there was a gorgeous Christmas tree at the top of the hall. 

After being overly excited from the first section of the tour, Hattie and I roamed all of the amazing set, costumes, props and other amazing items from the Harry Potter films. I literally adored seeing everything with my own eyes; it was like I was honestly living my childhood fantasy. The tour groups are designed very intelligently so it never gets overcrowded in an area. We took our time, there was absolutely no rush and we could stroll around reading all the cool information about the pros/set/etc.

One of the general standouts from my trip was definitely the interactive side to it all. There were green screens, moving sets and fun things for both myself and younger kids (haha!) to participate in to make the trip extra entertaining. We even tried some magic to levitate our own broomstick! I couldn't stop smiling as we ventured around the studio.

The layout of the place was a wonderful choice, in my opinion. All of the favourite destinations were planned towards the end so you left feeling incredibly happy and fulfilled with your time in Harry Potter world. Hogwarts in the snow was so stunning, Diagon Alley was super cool and the new Forbidden Forest that Hattie hadn't been to yet was very fun. I cannot wait to return in the future to see all the amazing additions they keep working on to get customers back! I've heard Gringotts is now there and I'm desperate to head back in the near future. Before heading home, we couldn't resist buying some merchandise haha. Check out the video I created from our day if you want to see all of these photos come to life and what we ended up buying HERE.

Have you ever been to the Warner Bros Studio? Do you love HP as much as me?

Lots of love 

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