Staying Fit This January | Free Workout Videos with Herbalife Nutrition

17 January 2019

2019 is underway and everyone around me seems to be making it an effort to head back to the gym, eat healthily and tone included! I say it every single year but I always want to improve my fitness to not only feel more confident in myself but to feel healthier and gain more energy for the day. Although I'm not an early bird/riser like many, I'm still trying to embed fitness routines into my everyday life to keep me on track with my fitness goals. Herbalife Nutrition have collaborated, yet again, with another incredible athlete - ex-Olympian Samantha Clayton has teamed up with this inspiring fitness brand to help all of us whom are trying to make a difference to our bodies/fitness levels! This 21 Day fitness challenge began on Saturday 5th January and will be running for three weeks - you can find the free videos to get your heart beat raising on the Herbalife Nutrition blog HERE!

(p.s the photo above was my entry for a Herbalife Nutrition challenge, I've participated in a few now + it's been super fun so make sure to check out their insta to get involved in the next one)

Sometimes it can be difficult to get into shape when you don't have the gym, a personal trainer or a fitness plan to follow - nowadays, everything costs money so it's hard to justify spending over £50 a month to maintain a good fitness/health regime. Thus, I think the Herbalife Nutrition free workout videos are the perfect aid to stick to your fitness resolutions. They are easily accessible via the Herbalife Nutrition blog, you are getting top advice from an ex-Olympian, you can perform the workouts at home without any need for equipment and it's a fun activity to do with your friends. Simply find a spacious area in our house (or garden if it's not too cold) and follow Samantha's easy steps - each day focuses on a different part of the body so you get to work your whole body over the course of the 21 days. This challenge will have you improving your flexibility as well as your fitness levels, not to mention the amazing nutritional tips they have to offer. I've tried a variety of the Herbalife Nutrition products and absolutely stand by them whenever I'm trying to lose a bit of weight. More about the products later...but I'd highly recommend checking out the videos because they are extremely informative and motivational!

Over the past few years working and abiding by the Herbalife Nutrition range, I have tried a vast selection of products as they've expanded. A very popular amongst most and definitely one of my favourite is the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix in the Vanilla flavour! This huge tub of vanilla powder goodness can simply be mixed with milk (my favourite is soya), creating the perfect sugar-like milkshake. The flavour is delicious and the concoction has high-protein content to help build on muscle mass. If I had to direct you to any products that will stop you from snacking on lots of unhealthy foods, as well as products that will enhance your fitness experience, I'd highly suggest checking out my fave Herbalife Nutrition goodies below:

Formula 1 Vanilla Shake Mix
Formula 1 Express Chocolate Bars
Rebuild Strength Chocolate Powder   
Instant Herbal Beverage - PEACH
Vanilla Almond Protein Bars (MY FAVOURITE!!!)

I've also started to incorporate workouts and fitness into my weekly vlogs (watch one here) so if you need some daily/weekly motivation to get your butt to the gym or doing a home workout, subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Will you be taking part in the challenge? Have you tried any of the free workout videos yet?

Lots of love

Prepare for National Popcorn Day!

15 January 2019

With it being National Popcorn day on the 19th January, I thought it would be fitting to write this post just in time for you to purchase all the necessary goods for the day! I love how there is a 'National Day' for lots of fun things now, making each day of the year exciting. Popcorn day is great for me because I'm absolutely obsessed - I'll always opt for a large box of sweet popcorn whenever I take a trip to the cinema. I just cannot resist sweet snacks, especially popcorn so I thought I'd share this little post about a new brand I've been trying, testing and TASTING so you can prep yourself for the big day on Saturday! 

If you're unaware of the brand, Popcorn Shed are a company that sell a range of gourmet popcorns - catering for a versatile range of people, offering both sweet and savoury snacks. From berries to cheese, salted caramel to chocolate, there is something at Popcorn Shed for everyone! The award-winning brand have a generous range of 7 different flavours sold in small packets, or even boxes/jars if you are looking to give the popcorn as a gift! I love how gorgeous the packaging is - the boxes in particular have a cool display. Brightly coloured boxes and a little window to view/tempt yourself with is all you need to seduce you into a movie night with your pals or partner! I also think the little packets are ideal for on-the-go; they are the perfect travel size to pop in your bag for a midday snack and they're only 120 calories too!

In terms of taste, I absolutely adore the range available but in particular, I'm drawn to the sweeter snacks. I'm a lover of sugar and the biggest chocaholic, so there is no surprise that the 'Pop'n'Choc' are my favourite out of the flavours. The popcorn is deliciously coated with a thin layer of cocoa powder, giving the treat an extra sweet taste for choc lovers like me! My bestie is the opposite - she loves savoury snacks so she was delighted to indulge in the savoury options. Hattie adored the 'Say Cheese' packet, whereas the chocolate one was my favourite; thus, showing the versatility of the products and how they work great for different tastebuds! From presentation to quality, I would highly recommend Popcorn Shed to anyone wanting to try some delicious popcorn with a twist. They are also the perfect gifts so if you know a popcorn lover out there or just want to celebrate National Popcorn day, head over the Popcorn Shed to treat yourself today!

Have you tried Popcorn Shed products before?

Lots of love

Mental Health Diaries | December Depression

6 January 2019

Right, so one of my new year's resolutions is to continue creating raw, authentic content on my Youtube channel, my blog and social media platforms. Although I thought I did that pretty well last year, I want to flourish further by helping others feel comfortable in their own bodies, make people more confident in their own abilities and most importantly, I want to discuss my mental health more. I talk a lot about my mental health on Instagram and previously on my blog, but I want to inject more of the hardships that I'm facing so that it not only gets it of my chest, but it makes you guys feel less alone too. Thus, I've decided to create this little series 'Mental Health Diaries' to give you all updates on my mental health throughout the year. Although I'd like to update you every month, I'm not going to put any pressure on myself as I know it will negatively affect my health further. Fingers crossed I can though so both you, and I, can try improving our mental health month by month.

My first little mental health diary entry is all about the December Depression. This isn't necessarily a 'thing' but I know a lot of people suffer at this time of year with depression and other poor mental health problems; there is so much pressure to be cheery, happy and endlessly energised during the festive season so when your feelings aren't the conventional feelings that people expect you to be expressing, it's even more difficult to build a positive spirit. Prior to December, I'd describe myself as being full of life, driven and motivated to succeed and exceed. However, second year at university has really hit me hard and I began feeling as anxious as I ever have been. I'm not really sure what set it off, so I'm currently figuring that one out, but since mid-November, I knew something wasn't quite right. My energy levels were low, I was beginning to get scared of leaving the house and doing simple daily activities, I was crying consistently for nights and I didn't know what was wrong with me. I started feeling and thinking of the worst things humanely possible and my head went to a very dark place - this ended up spiralling out of control in December which lead to a very well-needed doctor's appointment. 

After visiting the doctors, I finally received the treatment and care that I've been needing for years. I was diagnosed with depression, and I'm sure the severity of my anxiety heightened the whole case too. The doctor went through a variety of options that I hadn't tried before and pushing myself to go there was 100% a step in the right direction. I was so close to giving up after not seeing the light for months but that final push to go to the doctors was all that I needed to find hope again. It's so difficult explaining how you feel when you don't quite understand what's happening yourself. My loved ones would question why I was feeling down or ask why I'm crying but half the time I would have no idea why; I thought I was stupid, embarrassing, strange and quite simply, not normal. Everyone else could explain why they felt the way they did but not me, so I must be the different one who hasn't got their life together. I, for sure, was definitely wrong. I also suffered with extreme panic attacks - I wasn't quite sure when the next panic attack would come and how severe the attack would be. I'd feel breathless, like I was choking, my heart racing but also still at the same time. I never wish that feeling on anyone but if you do ever suffer with panic attacks, I now try to override my brain by trying to rationalise the situation and think 'this won't last forever, I'm not going to die, it will stop soon'. 

Christmas was 'nice' because I got to go home and see my family. I loved spending quality time with my boyfriend, parents, brother and other members of my family. However, I didn't always feel present because of how bad my mental health had been just before returning home from university. I felt like I was isolating myself, despite wanting to cherish all the happy family moments that I'd pictured in my head. I sometimes wanted to lock myself in my room or take myself away from big crowds of people because being around so many people makes me anxious sometimes. I became easily agitated with others because my mind would go into overload, then I'd feel instant sadness if I verbally lashed out at anyone because I wasn't meant for my sentence to come out the way it did or I'd just regret saying a thought aloud. It was a constant battle with myself, which I struggled with throughout December.

I'm now currently working on bettering myself for 2019. There are so many goals and achievements that I'm super driven to strive for. I want to explore new places, find that inner passion for all the things I love again, I want to be carefree and clear my head of all the nastiness. I know mental health problems remain for a long time, and for me personally, I think I'll have them for life. That's why my main new year's resolution is to accept life the way it is and treat my mental illness as a positive rather than hiding away. I want to be proud of how strong I am for overcoming the dark times and celebrate when I beat the SHIT out of my anxiety in situations I never thought I'd put myself in. I'm ready for 2019 so I hope it's ready for me too.

I hope you enjoyed this personal, more chatty style of post. Lemme know if you enjoyed in the comments and we can break the mental health stigma together!

What are you hoping to achieve this year? 

Lots of love

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For All The Family

20 December 2018

As the next part of my Christmas gift series, I thought I'd put together a little list of last minute present ideas for those who aren't quite prepared yet. I know Christmas is a difficult time of year and it's so difficult to be organised/prepped for the big day; therefore, I thought I'd try helping some of you out by sharing some new brands and products that might be of interest to a loved one in your life!
From beauty to lifestyle, here are a few last minute ideas that will hopefully help you out...or if not, why not treat yourself to a Christmas present this year? After all, you deserve it and nobody has your back like you've got your own!


Urban Decay - NAKED CHERRY - eyeshadow palette

One of my favourite gifts to give has to be beauty products, especially when they are luxurious or the giftee has the item on their Christmas wishlist. Urban Decay released another addition to their gorgeous NAKED range - I'm literally obsessed with all of their palettes so own the majority, so I was thrilled to add this to my collection. This NAKED palette, Cherry, comprises of 12 eyeshadow shades, all of which ooze red/pink/warm-toned goodness. I adore the warm, rusty tones and they're perfect for the festive season. I can betcha this is coming out to do my makeup on Christmas day! Anyway, I think this makes the perfect special present for a daughter, mother, auntie, brother or any avid beauty lover in the family. High end beauty is the ultimate luxury gift and anyone would appreciate this stunning palette!

Mask Time - Skincare Subscription Box

So one thing I know I'd LOOOOOVE to receive as a gift all year round is a subscription box. If you've been watching my vlogs on Youtube for a while, you will know my adoration for a surprise subscription box each month. Now, I've found the perfect box for skincare lovers, like myself, to indulge and self-pamper yourselves to your heart's content! Mask Time are an incredible brand that offers two types of skincare boxes - one for skincare novices (Glow Starter) and another for the skincare experienced. I opted for the Glow Setter (the experienced) box, which consists of 8-10 masks that arrive to your door on a monthly basis. An array of masks that target a variety of skin problems - including dry skin, irritated skin, dehydrated skin, troublesome skin etc - with a handy guide that translates each product and explains all the benefits of using each mask. I'm obsessed with this gorgeous subscription box and believe it's the best Christmas gift for anyone whom is skin concerned or obsessed with beauty!

Esquido - Gel Eyeliners

Eyeliners are such a great stocking filler for the beauty lover. Super easy to fit into a stocking and something that is going to last for a relatively long time, in terms of beauty products! These Esquido Eyeliner Gel Pencils are NEW and something I've been loving testing out over the past month. They are available in both black and brown, and they are currently on sale! The formula is dreamy - a smooth and creamy texture, allowing the product to glide onto the eyelids/waterline. The pigment is also super strong so little product goes a long way. I'm very impressed with the longevity of the liners throughout the day too - they don't budge for hours, unlike some of the eyeliners I've tried in the past. Most eyeliners I've tried don't last for longer than 30 minutes on my waterline, but this one seems to stay on for hours! I adore these liners and I honestly think they're a beauty staple.


Kate Sparkle - Jewellery

Kate Sparkle are a jewellery brand that I've recently been introduced to. I absolutely adore the unique and alternative range of pieces they have available on their site, specifically the beautiful engagement rings. I picked out this natural rose quartz ring - it's made of Sterling Silver but coated in a stunning rose gold coating. What a gorgeous gift for jewellery lovers or possibly even an engagement ring for those who are looking to propose over the festive season. It's a perfect time to pop the question, being surrounded by loved ones and in the best spirits, so why not opt for an alternative ring to change things up? There are a complete range of collections on the Kate Sparkle website but I definitely love the Rose Quartz collection the most. The one I chose has a stunning rose quartz in a triangular shape lined with a sparkling halo. This particular ring stands for 'unconditional self-love', which is something I stand for and I'm hoping to embed more on my social media platforms over the new year and throughout 2019. Find the ring that resonates with you, your partner or a friend - you'll be sure to find the ideal ring for your giftee at Kate Sparkle. Use code CHARLOTTEP30 for 30% off!

Daniel Wellington - Women Classic Black York 36MM Watch

Daniel Wellington is a brand that I've admired from afar for so many years. I fall in love with all of the sensational timepieces they bring out on their website. My favourite watch at the minute is the Women's Classic Black York - a sophisticated brown crocodile textured strap with gold hardware and a large black face. I love how simplistic yet classy this watch it; it's also super versatile, I cannot think of an outfit this wouldn't look great with. From a day at work to an evening party, this beautiful DW watch is just one of the many timepieces that caught my eye when browsing the site. There are so many to choose from so you're bound to find the perfect one for our loved one - it is the ideal luxury gift! I also have a code (CHARLOTTEPRICE) if you want to save an additional 15% on any products (including gift sets) on the DW website.


Mustard Stationery - Cherry Collection

A new brand which I've fallen head over heels for these past couple of months is Mustard Stationery. Mustard offer a range of stationery, tech accessories and other cool gifts that would be ideal for the Christmas period. My favourite, for sure, has to be the wonderful Cherry collection - the themed collections are so cool and I love how satisfying it is when all my stationery matches. From pen holders to water bottles, notebooks to stress balls, these collections are great for people of all ages. I know so many students who would love a little matching collection like this, as well as many adults and children in my life! These are such a fun gift idea and something that it unique compared to the classic Christmas gifts. The products are also super inexpensive so they are great for stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts too. Let me know which collection you love the most from their site, I have my eyes on the Cactus and Retro collections next...

What last minute Christmas gift ideas are you go-to's? Do you like any of the products/brands I have mentioned about?

Lots of love


This post includes a few gifted products from brands; however, all opinions are honest and my own. 

A Gift Guide for Tan Lovers

19 December 2018

Fake tanning has been something that I've adored over the past couple of years. Although I know it's not for everyone, I just love how confident popping some fake tan on makes me feel. It's always important to do things that make you feel confident and in control of your life so you just have to push other's negative opinions away if their judgement is getting you down. 

Me and my best friend, Megan, whom some of you might be familiar with from my Youtube channel, have just filmed a video in regards to our ultimate winter tanning routine. If you fancy giving it a watch, CLICK HERE to see what products we use and our top tips for tanning novices! One thing we definitely cannot live without when it comes to our tanning routine is the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam. This product is honestly a god-send for all us guys and gals who want the ultimate bronzed look. There are so many reasons why I always choose Bondi Sands as my top tanning brand so I've decided to collate all of my favourite products from Bondi, alongside sharing the results of Ultra Dark

Why I Love Bondi

If you've seen my video, you will know all about my love for Bondi. Compact in a sleek black tube holding 200ml, the Ultra Dark tanning foam is my absolute go-to to achieve that sunkissed winter glow. Personally, I like to pop on two layers to make the change even more visible. My top tips would definitely be to exfoliate and moisturise an hour before applying to tan to ensure smooth, even application. 

I also cannot stress to you enough about how important it is to use the right applicator when using tanning products. The Bondi Sands Application Mitt is an essential - not only is it re-usable, it is double-sided AND high quality, meaning application applies like a dream. They are also extremely affordable at £4.99 per mitt; they'd honestly make the perfect stocking filler for all those tan lovers in your life! I'd definitely recommend investing in one of these Bondi mitts because they are super long-lasting and easily washable. I've been through so many tacky, cheap £1 mitts that only last for one or two applications so the Bondi ones are more cost-effective in the long run! Finally, the results of the tan are why I will always and continually recommend Bondi to all of you. After applying two layers, letting the tan develop overnight and washing it off first thing in the morning, my skin is left with an even, smooth and bronzed glow. If you are looking for a tan that will make a difference, definitely opt for ULTRA DARK. However, if you're new to the whole tanning field and want to try something a little lighter, there is also 'LIGHT/MEDIUM' or 'DARK' as other shade options! 

This photo was just after application - the product was already developing on my skin so it's super fast-working! I usually leave mine on overnight and wash it off in the shower first thing in the morning. 
Overall, Bondi Sands is a brand that I can only praise for its amazing results and wonderful range of tanning products. Below are a few of my favourites or products that I'm hoping to try in the future. Here is a list of some great stocking fillers or main tanning gifts that will be sure to satisfy the giftee:

What are your favourite tanning products? Do you love tanning over winter like myself?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Bondi Sands; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

3 Great Things to do whilst at University

15 December 2018

University is one of those settings where just about anything can happen, depending on how
you choose to spend your time, and what activities/societies you choose to get involved in.
Being a student means enduring and exploring a huge array of different opportunities, with a LOT of emotion coincidentally. You’re surrounded, on a regular if not daily basis, by all kinds of people who are discovering themselves and enjoying the adventure of life. Although it can put a lot of pressure on you, it puts you in the best situation to cease life and new experiences - different societies offer access to assorted sports, hobbies, and events that you might otherwise never have thought to try out.

A lot of people associate student life with partying and getting bevved up every night; however,
from my own experience, that is definitely not the case. I care WAY too much about my grades
so I spend the majority of my time working or feeling gravely guilty if I'm having a evening off.
Nonetheless, I still love clubbing and going on a good night out with my best pals, dancing the
night away and making lots of funny memories. Always drink responsibly though kids! Anyway,
for the sake of providing some balance, here are a few suggestions for opportunistic and great things to do during your student days, aside from partying every evening.

Travel abroad - exchange student, trips + fun

Many universities have “student exchange” schemes or opportunities within a course to travel
somewhere for a year, such as the Erasmus program that runs around Europe and allows
students the opportunity to do a year abroad somewhere else on the continent. Other college trips include events organised by student societies, such as skiing expeditions, trips organised for members of different degree programs, like visits to historical sites/museums/art exhibitions, and so on. Some trips will just be organised by friends who want to travel together for fun, and others will be run as challenges by the university and its partners.

Whatever the case, you should strongly consider doing some travelling abroad, if you get the
chance. It’s likely to be an extremely memorable, eye-opening experience. It may even
strengthen the opportunity to get a career, who knows? I can't wait to go travelling - I'm
planning on doing a long six month (possibly more) trip around Asia after I've finished my
degree before I start my career.

Keep a journal

Journaling isn’t half as popular these days, but keeping a journal during your student years
can be an excellent idea for a variety of reasons. For one thing, writing a journal helps you to analyse and come to terms with your experiences in real time. If you’ve had a particularly weird or stressful week, writing about it can help you to clear your mind, relax, and make sense of things. In fact, it’s even been suggested that writing about difficult experiences can alleviate some of the emotional stress of the experience. I know it certainly does for me; after suffering with anxiety and depression, writing all of my emotions/fears/daily encounters down definitely relieves some of the mental tension.

Furthermore, another reason why journaling may be a great idea is to simply cherish that
journal years down the line, either to fondly remember particular anecdotes, or to cringe and
laugh. It will be such an amazing feeling reliving all of the best, exciting and hilarious
memories of my university days when I'm older. You'll be able to share the stories in a lot more
detail too if you write them down; this is sort of the reason I create videos on Youtube so that
all of my vlogs can be watched for years to come and I can rewatch all of my funny student
moments with my best friends.

Consciously Develop the Habits you Desire

If you listen to many of the leading success gurus out there, success in life is largely a matter
of developing and maintaining the right kinds of habits, rather than doing epic, world-changing
deeds. University seems like the perfect time to find yourself, form a new type of independence and flourish. Want to get fit and stay athletic throughout your life? Start hitting the gym each day. Want to stop being so messy? Begin a habit of tidying your room or apartment each day. Books like James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” and Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” can help you with the specifics. A lot of it has to do with starting really small and working your way up - it's a lot easier to create a positive habit than you initially think!

What things are you doing (or did) whilst at uni other than
clubbing and studying? Do you wantto travel after uni like

Lots of love

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